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Little Miss Popular

12 Jan

WordPress (the blogging tool I  use) is pretty damn cool.  They sent me a little video show after the new year, highlighting my most popular posts from the year.  Watching it totally brought back memories of those high school superlatives (of which I got none… and no I’m not bitter!).  So thought I’d share with you the top 5 most popular blog posts on HFoP for the year…. because who doesn’t like a nice game of playing favorites?

To see the original post and photo source, click the links below.

Krazy about Ikat (509 hits)
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It’s all Greek Key to Me (1,017 hits)

{And to the rest of my posts… While you didn’t make the cut I promise I love you all equally!!!!!}


Project: Screen Print Pillows

5 Dec

I’m so excited to share with you my latest DIY!

Remember my post about Greek Key?  Well I just love the funky pattern and wanted to get a decorative pillow in some variation of Greek Key for our bed.  We recently pulled out the winter duvet, which has some really pretty red undertones, and so I was on a mission for a red, greek key, decorative pillow, that is reasonably priced.

Well guess what?  That doesn’t exist… which means it’s DIY time!

So lucky for me I had saved this fantastic post in my Pinterest board from the Creativity Exchange on how to make your own pillows using tape and screen print paint!  The step-by-step instructions seemed super easy, her final product turned out great – and hello – you can make custom pillow cases for under $25!!!  You’d have to be crazy not to try it!

First let’s gather the necessary materials.

1. Screen print paint
I used Simply Screen Paint in Fire Truck Red, which I purchased on Amazon for $2.98

2. 3m Painters Tape
You can get this stuff at any hardware of craft store for under $5

3. Paint Brush
I had one in the house, but any paint brush for water based paint should do it.

3. White Pillow Sham
Also from Amazon, this one is from Fresh Ideas and cost $15.

Pillow Sham

Ok let’s get crackin!

1. The first and most creative part of this project is to find a pattern you’d like to do.  I played around on my computer quite a bit before deciding that Greek Key was the way to go…  But there are so many geometric patterns you can emulate with tape, so don’t feel limited to this design!

I actually designed a few pillows on Microsoft word using a red box and white line shapes. Here’s are some examples:

I also liked this pattern… maybe for round 2!

2. Once you have your idea ready, start taping!  Take your time here as you want to make sure the lines are as straight as can be.

After some consultation from the hubs, we decided the lines were too thin, so back to taping I went…

Much better!

3. Next take a credit card and go over the tape to make sure the lines are sealed to the pillow sham.

4. Now my favorite part – it’s painting time!
While the paint did not bleed through the fabric, I recommend putting a piece of cardboard in between the layers to be safe.


5. Oh wait, I lied – my favorite part was pulling off the tape to see the final product…

Look at these perfect lines!!!

Last step is to iron the pillow, using some type of ironing cloth or fabric on top.

The best thing about screen print tape is that it doesn’t bleed, and because it’s dye, it lies really flat unlike other fabric paints.  You can also machine wash the pillowcase.

And the final product?

I’m thrilled with the outcome!

Next mission is to find some complimentary smaller side pillows… Stay tuned!

It’s All Greek Key to Me

23 Aug

Anyone else need a break from Wedding stuff???

Well it’s been a while since we’ve tried to act smart here on HFoP, so let’s bring it back to a little Teach me Tuesday, shall we?

This week we’re learning about Greek Key!



Greek Key (also known as the Meander Pattern):decorative border constructed from a continuous line, shaped into a repeated motif. Such a design is also called the Greek fret or Greek key design, although these are modern designations.

It’s like a little maze in your home decor.


Love this duvet!!

West Elm

And these pillows aint so bad…

Jayson Home

I just love the look of the clean lines on this buffet.


Hot pink greek key rug?  Yes please!

Kristy Lee Interiors

Hmmm… this reminds me of my previous Lucite debate…

1st Dibs

Paired with a simple white porcelain base, this lamp shade could ROCK!

Constance Crenshaw

Well aren’t you pretty?


So what do you think about Greek Key? 

{All Greek to me???}

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