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Sucker for Succulents

20 May

A while back I wrote about my love for hard to kill plants (original post here) since my thumb has been far from green.  FYI – my landlord gave me a plant a few months ago, and status update…

It’s still alive!!!!   

Well I was recently re-inspired by these adorable terrariums, made by one of my newest fav blogs to read, Mint Love Social Club.

Her easy DIY Instructions found HERE.

I can’t get over how damn cute these are…

HFoP on Polyvore

So then I found this incredible Etsy shop that sells nothin BUT succulents….  And well, I went a little nutso with all of the decor possibilities!

Wedding favors?? Hmm….

How great would these watering cans looks on a windowsill?  I think I need these above my sink, like now.

All from Etsy shop Succulents Galore 

Ok, time to put my money where my mouth is….  

{Order up!}


Stayin Alive…

23 Dec

This post is all about plants, which can add such an element of coziness, intimacy, and “life” to your home. However like many of you out there, I have the opposite of a green thumb (what color does that make it?)  Anyway, I am guilty for killing even what the very nice Home Depot man claimed to be  “the plant that’s impossible to kill”, despite my true enthusiasm and typed up watering schedule. 🙂  I apologize now to my future mother-in-law who could double as a plant whisperer.  Yeah, she’s that good.

Solution?? Succulents!!

Succulents: Water-retaining plants adapted to arid climates or soil conditions.  Common types include Cactus and Aloe.

It is VERY hard to kill these guys.  Trust me, I have had a cactus for 3 years now!  And with the incredible colors, shapes and sizes – they can serve as really great show pieces!  See for yourself!

Love it…

Succulent Medley…


Apartment Therapy ($119)

Mini Cactus Displays…

Pier1 ($10) These are actually fake!

Table centerpieces…

Driftwood Succulent Garden ($89)

Want it….

So lucky for you, succulents are usually reasonably priced – unless you go for a full arrangement like the wreaths listed at the top of this post.  If you’d like to try your “thumb” at these, I recommend starting at a store like Home Depot (don’t let my earlier comment about the Home Depot man discourage you).  They have great prices and variety, and a good return policy.  Also try checking on Etsy, Pier 1, and Ikea for some great “fake” succulent buys.

Here are some of my favorite types with corresponding names and photos to help get you started.  Don’t let the names scare you!

Aeonium -Rosettes typically resemble big, fleshy-petalled daisies.

Sedum (stonecrop) — Succulents with stacked and concentric or bean-shaped leaves, produce masses of star-shaped blooms

Sempervivum – Reminds me of an artichoke!

Crassula rupestris x perforata – disc-shaped, red-edged leaves that appear to be threaded on a thin stem

Crassula rupestris x perforata Baby Necklace

Happy Planting!

hehe 🙂

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