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Re-Use Me!

1 Apr

When it comes to home decor, I am a HUGE fan of recycling.  Before I go out and buy something, I often look around my apartment to try and use something I already have.

Just this week I desperately needed to light some candles around the house (long story short – Roxy dog had a little accident that made our house smell NOT so pretty) and while I had a ton of votive candles lying around, I had no candle holders.  Well low and behold, my obsession with ball jars saved the day!

Cute and fireproof!

I’ve also used champagne flutes I got free from Crate and Barrel (just for starting a registry – what a deal!) to hold a small bouquet of yellow roses.

Now tell me that isn’t a perfect mini vase???

And when I ran out of room in my utensil holder, this Trader Joe’s durable and colorful coffee can was a great fix…

I like the look of this so much, I probably won’t replace it!

Now these are faaaaar from genius moves, but with a little creativity, they add a sense of uniqueness to your home.  Not to mention, save you $$$!

Ok enough about me, and on to the inspiration for this post…

So this week on Daily Candy, they announced this fabulous contest by who other than Etsy!

The scoop: Submit one of your reuse projects and you could win BIG!  Oh, and Tory Spelling AND Martha Stewart are both judges.  Nuff said.

So before you throw stuff away, think twice!  Can you reuse this somehow??  And check out the Reuser’s Guide for instructions and inspiration!


Trend Alert: Upcycling

22 Feb

Upcycling: The process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.

And GREAT for home decor!

Refrigerator Door → Wall Shelf

The Alternative Consumer

Alcohol Bottle → Drinking Glass

Recycled Glass Bottle Tumblers from Skyy Vodka bottles...reclaimed, repurposed

YAVA Glass - Recycled IBC Root Beer Glasses (Set of 4)

Old Suitcase → Barstool


Newspaper → Storage Basket


Old Suit Jacket → Decorative Pillow

Hilary Cosgrove

Album Covers → File Box

FreeStyle Gifts

Map → Coffee Table Bowl


Wine Bottle → Cheese Plate

Mitchell Glassworks

Spoon → Salt and Pepper Holder

Boxcar Betty’s Eco Depot

I’ve saved the best for last….

Toilet Plunger → Lamp

Instructables (Check it out for DIY instructions!)

{What have YOU reused lately?}

Put a Cork in it.

6 Jan

Following a previous post about what do with empty wine bottles, I received a ton of great ideas and requests for how to reuse corks.  I’ve actually been saving corks for quite some time now (and kinda like how they look right now!)

From Jenny’s HFoP

But I have a plan, and that is to create a trivet, like one of these:

Wine Enthusiast ($13/set)

But there are so many other cool things you can do!


(1) Wine Enthusiast
(2) Etsy ($15/4)

Bulletin Boards

(1) Wine Enthusiast
(2) Crafting a Green World

Table Card Holder

Etsy ($15)


(1) Etsy ($40)
(2) Cork Creations KC

Cork Truck (not for sale)

Candle Holders

Etsy ($10)
The Spoon Sisters ($12)


Keychains ($30)

Monogram Napkin Rings ($27)

{Challenge:  Drink up, and show me what you can do!}

It’s Wine Time

28 Dec

So this time of year especially, does anyone else have a hardcore collection of empty wine bottles hanging in their recycling bin?   Anyone??

Well I know I’m not the only one, so thanks to my Dad’s great suggestion, and Mom’s dedicated assistance with providing empty wine bottles (hehe) this post is all about what you can do with the bottles AFTER the wine is gone.  The party AIN’T over people!

Not only does this post help save the environment (whoohoo!) but the suggestions here are all relatively inexpensive.  So rather than my usual LOVE IT and WANT IT section…. Let’s go straight to the GET IT.


DIY instructions found here

DIY instructions found here

The Wine Enthusiast ($35/3) & ($10/4)



Set of SIX TUMBLERS made from Recycled Wine Bottles
Etsy ($48/6)

I own these glasses.  They rock.
BedBathandBeyond ($20/4)


Amazon ($18)


Keetsa ($48)

Uncommon Goods ($75)

My world traveling friend Nikki gave us one of these as a gift, which we proudly displayed on on of our kitchen walls!
Bonanza ($9)

Ok… this bad boy is custom made, which means it is $$$… But SO cool, I had to share!)

Blue Moon Bottles

{OK people, it’s time to start drinking, and show me what you can do!}

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