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Re-Use Me!

1 Apr

When it comes to home decor, I am a HUGE fan of recycling.  Before I go out and buy something, I often look around my apartment to try and use something I already have.

Just this week I desperately needed to light some candles around the house (long story short – Roxy dog had a little accident that made our house smell NOT so pretty) and while I had a ton of votive candles lying around, I had no candle holders.  Well low and behold, my obsession with ball jars saved the day!

Cute and fireproof!

I’ve also used champagne flutes I got free from Crate and Barrel (just for starting a registry – what a deal!) to hold a small bouquet of yellow roses.

Now tell me that isn’t a perfect mini vase???

And when I ran out of room in my utensil holder, this Trader Joe’s durable and colorful coffee can was a great fix…

I like the look of this so much, I probably won’t replace it!

Now these are faaaaar from genius moves, but with a little creativity, they add a sense of uniqueness to your home.  Not to mention, save you $$$!

Ok enough about me, and on to the inspiration for this post…

So this week on Daily Candy, they announced this fabulous contest by who other than Etsy!

The scoop: Submit one of your reuse projects and you could win BIG!  Oh, and Tory Spelling AND Martha Stewart are both judges.  Nuff said.

So before you throw stuff away, think twice!  Can you reuse this somehow??  And check out the Reuser’s Guide for instructions and inspiration!


B is for Ball

6 Dec

While in grad school, I had the incredible opportunity of living on my fiance’s family farm.  <Shout out to the Hopf crew!> The organic vegetables we had constant access to were absolutely amazing, but to my surprise, I got just as much excitement out of a different farm item…

Enter the Ball Jar.

This inexpensive, and quite easy to find glass jar (also known as a Mason Jar) is extremely versatle!  While its primary function is for jarring goods, like farm veggies, there are so many cool things you can do with one around the house.

How, you ask?  Well let me tell you….

Soap Dispenser

I LOVE THIS!  I own 2 and use them for 1. dish soap in the kitchen 2. handsoap in the bathroom.

Reproduction Zinc Lid with Pump for Mason Jars
seller: Midwestfinds

If you have the jars on hand you can just order the lids and pumps for under $10 a pop.  If you needs the jars, you can order them in color (shown here in blue) or clear.  I prefer clear, since you can always add color by choosing a colorful soap to fill it with.

Great for anyone looking for an industrial look!

Mason Jar Electric Lantern Mason Jar Party Lights, 6 Upcycled Lanterns for Wedding,Patio, Garden,Celebration, by TreasureAgain

Vintage Canning Jar CHANDELIER Created NEW

seller: mostazaseed ($20)
seller: treasureagain ($47)
seller: lampgoods ($99)

I think they make really great and romantic mood lighting for your deck, porch, or outdoor party.

Mason Jar Centerpiece

Food Storage

I gave this to my last hair dresser as a holiday gift.  Just fill it with the cookie ingredients (make sure the amounts are correct) and attach the recipe!  Go for a cookie with dried fruit to brighten it up a bit.

Store colorful food to spice up your kitchen.


Mason Jar Decorating Ideas

Here is my go-to sugar container!

From Jenny’s HouseFullofPretty

Drinking Glasses

Libbey Country Jar 16-Ounce Mason Jar Glasses, Set of 12IMG00102.jpg ($20/12)
Via reader Joanna H. 

Miscellaneous Storage

You know those extra buttons that come with every blouse purchase?  The ones you know you’ll either lose, or you’ll give away the shirt before you get a chance to use them?  Yeah… I feel ya.  Well here’s a great little decorative alternative use for them!

From Jenny’s HouseFullofPretty

…or for all you beer drinkers

Doubles as a book end!
From Jenny’s HouseFullofPretty

{Found ANOTHER use for these jars?  I dare you to prove it.}

Thanks Abbie F. for sharing this awesome (and amazingly colorful) ball jar idea!


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