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Berry Bowl Beauties

14 Jul

Don’t you just LOVE IT when berries are in season, and your grocery store is practically giving them to you?  Our local store, Stop and Shop, has been having a Buy 1 get 1 Free sale on blueberries lately, and I have to restrain myself from buying 20 every time I pop in for some milk.  I heart berries.

Well if you like berries, you MUST get a berry bowl.  It helps keep your berries all happy and ripe, and well… it looks super pretty on your counter!   My mom bought me this one, which I LOVE!


(FYI: Make sure you get one with a small plate to go underneath it, or use a small dish you already have.)

Check out some other berry bowl beauties…



Yes, that’s a porcelin container!  How clever!



I saw these colanders at West Elm the other day, and immedietly wanted a strawberry.  The small one is a great double duty piece!

{And on that note… it’s snack time!}


Double Whammy!

31 Mar

So we all like to decorate with pretty things, right??  Well there are few things I get more pleasure out of then finding something to decorate with that’s pretty AND functional!  This is like second to finding a good frozen yogurt place within walking distance of my apartment.  Yeah, it’s that exciting.

So this post is devoted to those houseware goods that not only look good – but DO good.

Don’t believe it’s true? Well look right here!

Bathroom Towel Rack

Iron Accents ($22)

I love this idea.  We currently have this bad boy in our bathroom to hold our extra towels.   Why take up an entire drawer when you can display them so nicely??  Now normally I would show you a photo of it in action, however it actually fell down this past weekend!  WARNING:  These guys are heavy so hang with caution!

Measuring Spoons

Anthropologie ($24)

Anthropologie ($14)

You use them so often, why not keep them in reach (a.k.a. show them off) by hanging them or keeping them on display on a shelf?


William and Sonoma

Key Holder

Anthropologie ($24)

OMG I need this NOW!!
Reuben Miller


Hi, you’re cute!

Salt and Pepper Shakers by West Elm


Whole new motivation to “kiss the cook”!


Etsy ($30)

Shabby Apple Blog

{So what pretty & functional items do you got goin on?}

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