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Project: New School Chalkboard

12 Jan

Whooohoo SNOW DAY!

For those lucky enough to be stuck in the house today, it’s a great day for organizing, cleaning up & out, decorating, doing craft projects… Oh did I say projects?  Well now that we’re on the subject….

Here was a favorite summer project of mine.  And let me tell you… this project is pretty easy (and cheap) to do! So if you could use one of these in your home… try this DIY out!

It started with a windowpane purchase from a flea market ($10).  Of course I can’t find the original picture, but it looked almost identical to this one.  Now I was really lucky in that it came with OUT the glass, because it saved me a ton of time!

No flea market nearby? Click here to buy a used one for under $20!!

The wood was almost bare, with a hint of old white paint, which I actually liked.  I wanted to add a little bit of extra color, and decided to paint it with something called Distress crackle paint, in order to keep the “worn” look.  This stuff is super cool, and comes with a built in paint brush!

Make sure you check out Tim Holtz’s tutorial video to see it in action!  FYI he starts talking at 00:41.

Now I knew I wanted to make the board magnetic, but instead of using plywood and painting it with magnetic paint (super pricey – at least $40 can!!!) I bought a sheet of steel from Lowes, precut to my specifications instead ($3).  Holy savings!

Thanks again Dad for letting me share your basement work space! 🙂

I then painted the steel with 3 coats of chalkboard paint.

Quart Black Chalkboard Brush-on Paint
(Home Depot, $10)

Now my dad *strongly* suggests priming the steel first… but I’m always in a hurry, so I didn’t.  Totally up to you here.

Once dry, I secured the painted steel to the back of the windowpane using duck tape, to keep it nice and sealed.

Lastly, I added 3 knobs that I picked up at Anthropologie.  They have a FABULOUS collection of knobs and other hardware. Check it out! Although beware, these babies add up!   Here’s what I went with:

Villa Capri Knob Glass Zinnia Knob Villa Ischia Knob

Once the knobs were screwed in, and a piece of wire was attached to the back of the board (for hanging)…. the final product was ready!!

Close up of crackle paint

Closeup of knob.

Now this is great for hanging coupons, photos, leaving love notes :), take-out-the-trash reminders, or just a place to display funky magnets.  The world is yours!

{Got any of your own DIY projects to share?  Send them my way!}


Project: Industrial Style Coffee Table

20 Dec

Have a seat friends, it’s story time!

I made a great Craigslist purchase back in November 2009.  It was a bit of a “shady” ordeal, that involved me driving to a remote house in the woods, alone, after the sun went down.  However I was so excited by the potential of the two pieces for sale (and the bargain price tag) that nothing was going to stop me.   But just to play it safe, I gave my fiance the address, called him before I entered the house, and said to call the cops if he didn’t hear back from me in 15 minutes.  OK… maybe a liiiiittle over dramatic, but I’m 5 feet tall.  I know where my weaknesses are 🙂  And let’s face it – Craigslist has a bit of a reputation (albeit amazing finds)!

Ok, so here are the details:
(1) coffee table with wrought iron fixtures
(1) matching chest
Price: $100

As soon as I saw the pieces, I knew they were perfect.  They were definitely in need of some major TLC, but they were loaded with character.  And after miraculously fitting them into the back of my car, I was ready for a DIY….

Here are some before pictures. HUGE shout out to my Dad here.  Dad, I owe you big time for all your help with this. I could not have done it without you!!!!  🙂

Top of the table (legs and hinged top have been taken off)

Hinged top and table drawers

Me sanding!  Protective glasses are so in right now.

After sanding, I painted the entire piece with 2 coats of a dark stain:

1 Qt. Wood Finish English Chestnut (Home Depot, $8)

Then once the stain was totally dry, I added a coat of polyurethane.

1 qt. Satin Fast-Drying Polyurethane(Home Depot, $10)

Once everything was dry (took about 2 weeks), I was able to refasten the fixtures and legs… and eventually put it into our new living room!!!

Final Product:

My favorite things about this coffee table are (1) the fact that you can still see the original detailing in the wood, even with the dark stain, and (2) the ample storage!  We use the side drawers for extra napkins, the 1-trillion Play Station 3 accessories we have, an extra pen and pad of paper, and many other little surprises 🙂

The small chest (used for storing extra pillows)

{Hope enjoyed!  Now it’s your turn to share!}

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