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I Dream of Driftwood

8 Feb

As we suffer through one of the coldest and snowiest winters in recent memory, I thought I’d try and lighten the mood with one of my favorite beach themed home decor styles… and that is decorating with driftwood!

Hopefully these next pictures will remind you that summer WILL be here…. eventually 🙂


Both from AtWestEnd

Driftwood Hurricane



Neiman Marcus ($759)

Like it?  Get it for half the price!

Crate and Barrel ($339)


The Braywood Gallery

Crate and Barrel

Not on the High Street


Love the idea, but not the pricetag?  Yeah, me too.  So start small with one of these small ghostwood (looks just like driftwood) branches for a mantle or centerpiece.  At only $4.49, you can’t go wrong!


{I’m ready for the beach}


Style File: Rustic Country

27 Jan

Continuing on with some of my favorite design styles, next up…

“Rustic Country”

  • Anything in wood!
  • Exposed beams
  • Worn fabric
  • Muted colors
  • Quilts
  • Farmhouse inspired

I personally gravitate more towards the “rustic” than the “country” but LOVE this look!

At West End


Restoration Hardware

Tony came across an old clawfoot tub on his parent’s farm, and restored it to use in our last apartment. If it didn’t weigh 8 million tons, we would totally have taken it with us!

Fired Earth

This firehouse red totally screams rustic!


Country Living

Pottery Barn


Dedeetsyshop @ Etsy

{Inspired yet?}

Style File: Vintage Industrial

25 Jan

I’ve taken way too many “find your design style” quizes in my day, and always find the answers to be frustrating, not to mention all over the place!  I firmly believe that you can be drawn to an item or a “look” because it means something special to you, or it fits your mood that day… and not because it falls into your “category”.

Now maybe I say this is because I have no background in interior decorating (see “about“) and some of you are probably thinking… shut up, get to the pretty pictures already!   But I swear, I think I’m on to something!

So rather than put yourself in a box (I’d probably choose an antique packing crate), I’d like to dedicate a few future posts to just *some* of what I think are my own design styles.  If you’re drawn to one in particular… good for you!  If you like elements in all of them…. well join the club, my friend.  And don’t forget to send me some of your design style inspirations!

“Vintage Industrial”

I chose this style first because it combines so many of my favorite home decor elements:

  • Raw material
  • Objects with history
  • Reclaimed & salvaged wood
  • Recycled glass or other materials
  • Wrought Iron and other metals
  • Antique lighting
  • Wire storage
  • Shipping crates

And here are a few Vintage Industrial style pieces that I just LOVE!

Brandmojointeriors @ Etsy

Target ($11)

Craigslist, Boston!


B4 It Was Cool


Both from Factory 20

Three Potato Four


Both from Hudson Goods


French By Design

And HUUUGE plug for Tony and my wedding venue, Chester’s at Bell Tower Square, which has this style written all over it!  It was love at first sight 🙂

{Stay tuned for the next style file… “Rustic Country”}

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