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I heart you, pantry!

20 Jan

The first time I went to check out what would soon be our future apartment in Arlington, the thing that wreeled me in was not the apartment’s large size, good price, or fantastic location… but the PANTRY!!!  I think I left there remembering nothing about the wall color, or even the street address, because all I could think about was how I was going to organize my food.  See post Type A+ Personality if you’re feeling confused (or concerned).

Long story short, pantries ROCK.  Not only do they provide ample food storage and a place to play for organized freaks like myself, but they really help prevent food waste!!  Why?  Because everything is visable!  So no more losing ingredients in the back of the cupboard… everything is right there in front of you!

See for yourself!

From Jenny’s HFoP

Now this pantry would not be complete without a few key items!  So introducing….

Jenny’s 10 “must haves”
for organized pantry/cabinet storage!

1. OXO Pop Storage Containers
Keeps food fresher longer, stackable, and well – looks so pretty!

Sur La Table ($50/5)

From Jenny’s HFoP

2. Turn Tables
Great for spices, and no more items hiding in the back of the cabinet!

Bed Bath and Beyond ($8-13)

From Jenny’s HFoP

3. Stacking Shelves
Great way to maximize space, especially for “vertically gifted” cabinets or shelves.

The Container Store ($10-15)

From Jenny’s HFoP

Look!  One shelf becomes two!

4. Plastic Bins
Perfect for keeping small and loose food items together (i.e. half used bags of nuts, coconut, chocolate, etc…)

Amazon ($2)

From Jenny’s HFoP

5. Drawer Gliders
Perfect solution for deep cabinets or drawers, and less backaches!

The Container Store ($20)

From Jenny’s HFoP

Perfect for hard to store lids!

6. The method to kitchen wrap mayhem!

The Container Store ($5)

From Jenny’s HFoP

7. The trusty big-bowl

Great for storing bulk buy veggies that last a while, like onions and potatoes.

Picked up this guy at TJMaxx.  Apparently it’s time for someone to go grocery shopping!

8. Got a pantry with a door?  Lucky dawg… ($38)

9. Shelf Liner
Keep things clean and in place! ($5)

10. Decoration!
Use cookbooks to separate items, brighten things up, or make it look like you don’t order takeout 4 nights a week 😉

From Jenny’s HFoP

{Enough about me, show me your food storage!}

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