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Last Stop: Sunshine Lucy’s

14 Apr

We did it! ¬† We made it to our last stop on the Antique shop hop/Vintage store crawl/Medford & Somerville shopping trip – whatever you want to call the journey ūüôā

Stop #4
Sunshine Lucy’s
93 Holland Street
Somerville, MA 02144

Sunshine Lucy’s is just off the main drag in Davis Square. ¬†They specialize in taking older pieces of furniture and adding new life to them by restoring their natural beauty or creating something totally different. They do a lot of bright¬†colored¬†repaint makeovers, and¬†are killer with bold fabric reupholster jobs. ¬†They also collect a lot of unique vintage pieces that are perfect just for show in your home!

The owner of this shop is actually married to the woman who runs Bella Decor in Arlington, which I blogged about a few weeks ago here.  Um, can I be part of your artistic and fun family pleeeease???

Hi there.

There are so many cool things you could do with this piece (besides hold your collection of vintage coke bottles of course).  Hang it up for a spice rack?  Compartment for sunglasses, keys and other every day items?

I want these!!  Either as coasters, or to tile a boring end table.  YUM.

Hands down, my favorite piece of the entire day! ¬†And it’s comfortable!!

Didn’t I tell you burlap was in?

The Purchases:
Jackie scored two really cool items at this shop:

This was an antique milk crate Рand is now a magazine holder.  LOVE!

A set of vintage watering cans. ¬†Can’t wait to see what she does with them!

And what better way to end our tour than with a few words of wisdom…

This poster from Sunshine Lucy’s is a GREAT take on the Keep Calm and Carry On Posters.

Wear boots and pretend it’s cold…
Jump puddles and curse frizzy hair…
Wear bikini and avoid mirrors…
Eat candy and regret decisions…
Say thanks and exchange for jewelry…
Keep reading HFoP and leave your comments below!!!

{Thanks for joining me.  See you next week!}


Stop #3: The Consignment Galleries

13 Apr

Hi everyone!¬† Hope you’ve been enjoying the virtual antique store tour!

Tired yet??

Stop #3
The Consignment Galleries
363 Highland Ave.
Somerville, MA

The Consignment Galleries was third on our list, and it definitely was the biggest store on our trip. This almost 30 year old shop has a wide variety of gently used, mostly older furniture and accessories.¬† I can’t lie – there were a lot of “my grandma would LOVE this” pieces¬† but also a few gems… so well worth the trip!

Buyer beware… you could spend hours in here!

These cute dishes would look great as ring or small jewelry holders, on a shabby chic dresser!

Ok so as tacky as it may be….I have a little thaang for cool salt and pepper shakers!

End of the bed “clothing collector” ottoman?¬† I think SO!

I loved this porcelain bowl/vase/urn???? And if I remember correctly – it was pretty cheap!

A lot of the furniture was a bit dated for my taste, but this large buffet piece had a nice contemporary feel!

Cooper: “Is this necklace too flashy?”

Your turquoise, so obv I dig ya.

It was seriously a jungle in there!!!  If you collect animal figures (of any type) this store likely has something for you!

And the purchases….

Jo was on a mission to find a tray for her contact stuff.  Antique meets modern!!!

And here it is in action!

And our clever friend Cooper turned this pin into a necklace!

And picked up these sweet earrings.

Ok people, we’re almost done!
Next and last stop…
Sunshine Lucy’s!






Stop #2… Toni and Ana’s

12 Apr

Welcome back to our little Antique shop hop!

Stop #2
Toni & Ana’s Furniture
864 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02144

Toni and Ana’s is an independently owned furniture shop, right by the big rotary in Somerville. They specialize in paint and reupholster jobs of recycled furniture, and if you’re looking for color in your home – this is the place to go!¬†¬† Toni told us that the inventory is always changing, so what we saw might be totally different next week.¬† Every piece is absolutely unique, and they have a real knack for knobs (hello Anthropologie), which is one of my personal favs.

Yes, that’s Toni in the flesh!!!

This sign pretty much sums up what each of our significant others was {NOT} thinking that morning.

I just can’t get enough of this turquoise!¬† Click here to see more!

Knoberific.¬† Yes, that’s a word.

I think this was everyone’s favorite piece!¬† I’ve been seeing lot’s of these funky fabric dressers around the blogosphere lately…

Design Sponge

Maison Douce

Ikea Hackers

But as far as I know, the one at Toni & Ana’s is still around – so grab it while it’s hot!!!

And while no one in our group picked up a jazzy piece of furniture, I did snag this “little” item for our kitchen. ¬†For $15, I couldn’t resist ūüôā

and here is it’s HFoP kitchen debut!

And our journey continues….
{Next on the tour: The Consignment Gallery}

Let’s go antique shopping!

11 Apr

On Saturday, three of my home decor loving girlfriends (Shout out to Jo, Cooper and Jackie!!) and I took advantage of the GORGEOUS weather, and went on a little “antique store hop”. ¬†Kinda like a bar hop, minus the booze, since we started at 9:30am! On this particular trip we stuck to the Medford and Somerville area, and hit up four very different, but all fantastic shops!

I took some photos to document the little outing, and so this week’s posts will highlight each of the unique shops. ¬†I hope you enjoy the trip!

Stop #1: 10am
416 Salem Street, Medford

I told you about this great store on Thurdsay because they jumped on the Groupon bandwagon and were offering a $100 gift card for $30! ¬†Obviously I snatched it up right away, and shocker…. I blew through it all within minutes of entering the store!

The fairly new consignment shop (opened just under a year ago) has a LOT of variety…including custom built industrial style pieces, vintage collectables, art, jewelry, and fun knick knacks. ¬†The owner, Paul Russo, could not be nicer! ¬†Not only did he tell us about the history of the items we purchased, but supplied his early morning customers with dunkin donut munchkins and coffee. The perfect start to a day of shopping! ¬†Oh and he named the store after his two dogs,¬†Eddie and Finnegan. ¬†Love it!

So here’s a little sample of what’s goin on at Eddigans, but whether or not you live in the area – it’s definitely worth the trip!!

We loved this mirror because it’s almost the exact mini version of the one Jo has in her apartment…but MUCH lighter!

I came close to picking this bad boy up…. however the top drawer was just for show (didn’t open). ¬†Still a super cool piece, just didn’t meet my storage needs!

How great would these canvases be in the kitchen???

Holy headboard heaven! ¬†And it’s a queen!!

Utensil holder?

This functionality of this piece was debatable…. but fun nonetheless! ¬†I love the color, and if you have the room, I think it could look great just as a showpiece!

And here are the pieces we picked up!

Jackie & Jo’s purcahses!

Jenny’s Purchases!

I’m SO excited about this mirror!! ¬†The photo doesn’t quite capture the size. ¬†It’s about 3ft x 3ft, and PERFECT for our guest room.

In case you haven’t gotten the memo… I LOVE ball jars (see original post here). ¬†I picked up these two blue jars to add to my pantry collection. ¬†They each were under $10, and were in great condition – especially since Ball stopped making the blue jars in 1938!

Stay tuned… next stop – Toni and Ana’s!

Deal Alert: Vintage store in Medford

6 Apr

Hello fellow frugalistas and antique lovers!

Just a heads up that Groupon has a rockin deal today for Eddigan’s, an upscale vintage and modern furniture and housewares store in Medford.¬† $30 for a $100 gift card!¬† Aaaaand all their stuff is 22% on Tuesdays!¬† Whaaahooo!

I just grabbed one, and will be sure to show you what I end up with!

{Happy Shopping!}

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