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Bella Decor, Arlington

14 Mar

On Saturday my friend Joanna and I took a stroll into Arlington Heights to check out the new SUPER FUNKY home decor shop that just opened, called Bella Decor.  Tony and I had passed by it a week before, just a few days after their grand opening, and after a quick peak inside I knew I needed to head back with camera in hand. Well…


They take old pieces found at estate sales, and spruce them up with bright paint, and modern upholstery. Basically, it is my dream house furnishings on crack.  But enough raving from this girl…. see for yourself!!

Bella Decor. 1343 Mass Ave. (website still underway…)

Funky Furniture

Previously seen on HFoP:

Ikat Galore

HFoP loves Ikat too!  Check out more here.


Previously seen on HFoP…
Wood Crates
Ball Jars

As the weather gets nicer, I hope to highlight some other kick a$$ furniture/antique/vintage stores in the greater Boston area, so stay tuned.  And if you have any recommendations, pleeeease let me know by commenting below!

{Happy Shopping!}


Craig, your list rocks.

1 Feb

Who is this Craig character, and how did he get to be so awesome???

When it’s too late at night, too cold outside, or (let’s get real) I’m feeling lazy, and can’t make it to an antique or consignment shop….Craigslist is my total “go to” spot for furniture deals.

Here are a few Craigslist items I have found recently that I wanted to share…mainly because I can’t buy them myself and would be thrilled to live vicariously though you, should you be able to. Just click on the location link under the photo to see the original listing.

And Boston area readers – if you fall in love and purchase something here…don’t forget to take a picture and send it my way!!!

Note:  Good Craigslist items go FAST so I apologize in advance if any of these items have sold before you could get your hands on them.

You could do wonders to this dresser with a simple re-knob job!  Maybe with one of these??


Hello, shabby chic!


This unique chair could be VERY cool, just by adding a funky seat cushion.


Only $150 for a 65“w x 35“h x 19“d buffet!


A pottery barn leather club chair! I could fall asleep just looking at this…

(Mass Location undisclosed)

I am LOVING the storage possibilities in this coffee table!


Anyone looking for a project?  Here’s a pretty cost effective paint and reupholster job that I think could turn out fantastic!  I love the backs on these chairs!


I think this antique Flyer Sled could look really cool hung up on a large open wall space!

(East Bridgewater)

And last but not least….

{A little homework challenge!}

Have a clever idea for how to reuse these Embosed New England Dairy milk jugs??  Leave it in a comment below!


Style File: Vintage Industrial

25 Jan

I’ve taken way too many “find your design style” quizes in my day, and always find the answers to be frustrating, not to mention all over the place!  I firmly believe that you can be drawn to an item or a “look” because it means something special to you, or it fits your mood that day… and not because it falls into your “category”.

Now maybe I say this is because I have no background in interior decorating (see “about“) and some of you are probably thinking… shut up, get to the pretty pictures already!   But I swear, I think I’m on to something!

So rather than put yourself in a box (I’d probably choose an antique packing crate), I’d like to dedicate a few future posts to just *some* of what I think are my own design styles.  If you’re drawn to one in particular… good for you!  If you like elements in all of them…. well join the club, my friend.  And don’t forget to send me some of your design style inspirations!

“Vintage Industrial”

I chose this style first because it combines so many of my favorite home decor elements:

  • Raw material
  • Objects with history
  • Reclaimed & salvaged wood
  • Recycled glass or other materials
  • Wrought Iron and other metals
  • Antique lighting
  • Wire storage
  • Shipping crates

And here are a few Vintage Industrial style pieces that I just LOVE!

Brandmojointeriors @ Etsy

Target ($11)

Craigslist, Boston!


B4 It Was Cool


Both from Factory 20

Three Potato Four


Both from Hudson Goods


French By Design

And HUUUGE plug for Tony and my wedding venue, Chester’s at Bell Tower Square, which has this style written all over it!  It was love at first sight 🙂

{Stay tuned for the next style file… “Rustic Country”}

Baroque, you’re no joke.

14 Jan

I’ve been seeing a lot of Baroque style frames lately, and I’m diggin it.

Baroque (pronounced /bəˈroʊk/ bə-rohk in American English or /bəˈrɒk/ in British English) is an artistic style prevalent from the late 16th century to the early 18th century in Europe.

It’s pretty amazing how a style with such ancient roots can be transformed into something with such a modern feel.   My favorite thing about these Baroque frames and wall art is that you can go bright, without going tacky. I am not usually one who gravitates towards pink (and hot pink at that) and yet I am loving this look!

Product Image Baroque Frame - Pink (4x6")
*Note the frame, not the adorable baby.
Target ($20)

Vintage Baroque Frame - Updated Bauhaus Gold Yellow
I love this yellow!

Trio of Vintage Baroque Oval Frames - Updated
Don’t feel you have to stick with one color.  These are great to mix and match with!
Etsy ($11)

These frames suite the shabby chic look quite well!  Try them in white!

Etsy (Entire set for $79)

Baroque Frame
Urban Barn ($20)

Here’s one I picked up at TJMaxx a few months ago.  Loooove TJMaxx!!!

TjMaxx ($7.99)

And here’s a baroque style mirror that my best friend Joanna gave me:

Thanks Jo!

Check out this very “un-IKEA like” steal!

Ikea ($24)

Wanna spruce up the fridge a bit with baroque frame magnets?  Suuure you do!

MishaSF ($5.99/each)

The ornate detailing makes the frames art in themselves, so feel free to forgo the picture and decorate with some vinyl wall stickers.  Clever, eh?

50x35  Frames Bird Tree Branch Hanging Vinyl Decor Wall Lettering Words Quotes Decals Art Custom Willow Creek Signs

Etsy ($60)

E.A.D. Designs ($28)

{Got any other ornate style frames kickin around?  Send them over!}

Project: New School Chalkboard

12 Jan

Whooohoo SNOW DAY!

For those lucky enough to be stuck in the house today, it’s a great day for organizing, cleaning up & out, decorating, doing craft projects… Oh did I say projects?  Well now that we’re on the subject….

Here was a favorite summer project of mine.  And let me tell you… this project is pretty easy (and cheap) to do! So if you could use one of these in your home… try this DIY out!

It started with a windowpane purchase from a flea market ($10).  Of course I can’t find the original picture, but it looked almost identical to this one.  Now I was really lucky in that it came with OUT the glass, because it saved me a ton of time!

No flea market nearby? Click here to buy a used one for under $20!!

The wood was almost bare, with a hint of old white paint, which I actually liked.  I wanted to add a little bit of extra color, and decided to paint it with something called Distress crackle paint, in order to keep the “worn” look.  This stuff is super cool, and comes with a built in paint brush!

Make sure you check out Tim Holtz’s tutorial video to see it in action!  FYI he starts talking at 00:41.

Now I knew I wanted to make the board magnetic, but instead of using plywood and painting it with magnetic paint (super pricey – at least $40 can!!!) I bought a sheet of steel from Lowes, precut to my specifications instead ($3).  Holy savings!

Thanks again Dad for letting me share your basement work space! 🙂

I then painted the steel with 3 coats of chalkboard paint.

Quart Black Chalkboard Brush-on Paint
(Home Depot, $10)

Now my dad *strongly* suggests priming the steel first… but I’m always in a hurry, so I didn’t.  Totally up to you here.

Once dry, I secured the painted steel to the back of the windowpane using duck tape, to keep it nice and sealed.

Lastly, I added 3 knobs that I picked up at Anthropologie.  They have a FABULOUS collection of knobs and other hardware. Check it out! Although beware, these babies add up!   Here’s what I went with:

Villa Capri Knob Glass Zinnia Knob Villa Ischia Knob

Once the knobs were screwed in, and a piece of wire was attached to the back of the board (for hanging)…. the final product was ready!!

Close up of crackle paint

Closeup of knob.

Now this is great for hanging coupons, photos, leaving love notes :), take-out-the-trash reminders, or just a place to display funky magnets.  The world is yours!

{Got any of your own DIY projects to share?  Send them my way!}

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