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Closet Envy.

17 Jan

Oh, we’ve all got it.

I swear, I would trade my bedroom for a huge walk in closet.  Don’t worry Tony – you can sleep in there with me…. Just don’t touch the shoes, ok??

Let’s take a moment to be “positively” envious.

Can you guess who this closet belongs to?  All I want for Christmas… is youuuuu!

Love the simplicity here.

Decor Pad

$100 says this is only 1 of MANY walk-in closets for Nikki Hilton.  NOT FAIR!

In Style

Elfa Closets from The Container Store

Inside-out Closet!


And my favorite closet goes to…Actress Olivia Wilde.
I think I love this closet the most, because it does NOT look like a store… but just another comfortable, yet fashionable room in her home!

P. Series Stylist

{Do you love your closet (walk-in or not!)  Send me a photo!}


Liberation through Organization, Part 3

7 Jan

This is the last of a series of posts on how to keep your home organized (See previous Part 1 & Part 2) and this one could be a great activity if it snows this weekend!

Have a great weekend everyone and stay tuned for some VERY EXCITING HouseFullofPretty news on Monday.  I promise, it will be worth the wait 🙂

Organization Tip #3
Getting a handle on your clothing.

If you’re anything like me, your life is in a constant clothing flux, consisting of Buying new clothing vs.Trying to find a space for the clothes you already have vs. Knowing that you desperately need to clean out your closet! You can blame it on the ever evolving fashion trends, weight loss or gain, hey even blame it on the seasons!  But no matter the blame, this is a never ending cycle…and the true catalyst to the mess in your room.

Over the years I have established a system that works fairly well… especially for people like me who have limited closet space, and a true love for shopping.  So here are a few helpful tips I’ve picked up along the way, but hope you’ll share a few of your own!

1. Have a clothing party

I threw one of these about a month ago, and not only was it a major success as far as emptying out my closet goes, but it was a lot of fun!  Here’s the deal:

  • Get the word out to your girlfriends
  • Ask them to bring all gently worn clothing, shoes, outerware, accessories, etc… that they no longer wear
  • Incorporate food and alcohol
  • Let the party begin!

Because we had a LOT of stuff, I used labeled cardboard boxes and bins in order to sort clothing by type (shirts, dress pants, shorts, etc…).  This way everything was “anonymous” and it was easier for people to sort through.

From Jenny’s HFoP

After everyone had time to go through the bins, try things on, and drink a few glasses of wine, we had a little “revealing” party, where we went around and each person presented what they took (and the owner, if proud, fessed up!).  At the end of the night we bagged all of the leftover items and donated them to Good Will.  What worked so well was that people seemed more eager to give things away when they knew they were going to a friend, or a “good home”.

Picture of the potluck.

2. Play the trade game.

Ok, this is easier said than done…but a necessity if your closet is about to burst.  Here’s how it works.  Every time you buy something new and put it in your closet, you MUST replace it with something you’re going to get rid of (donate!).  Now this works especially well if you purchase JUST the right amount of hangers so that in order to hang the newbie, you are forced to give up an oldie.

3. Put it in a box.

This is a trick I learned back in high school.  I was headed off to college and knew I couldn’t take every pair of shoes I had accumulated over the years (and there were A LOT!).  Yet I couldn’t bring myself to part with them, just yet.  I mean, what happens if my 3 inch platform Steve Maddens come back in style in a few years??

I kid you not.  And no, they didn’t.

So I put the “debatables” in a box, and labeled it “check in one year”.  I decided that if I had not thought about or needed the items in a year, than I would give away everything in the box, no questions asked.   And that’s exactly what happened!  In the end, a lot of times it’s not about the items, but the psychological dilemma of giving things up.

So hopefully this is a good start to conquering that bursting closet, dresser that won’t quite close, or insane clothing pile sitting on the chair by your bed.  Now get to it! 🙂

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