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Little Miss Popular

12 Jan

WordPress (the blogging tool I  use) is pretty damn cool.  They sent me a little video show after the new year, highlighting my most popular posts from the year.  Watching it totally brought back memories of those high school superlatives (of which I got none… and no I’m not bitter!).  So thought I’d share with you the top 5 most popular blog posts on HFoP for the year…. because who doesn’t like a nice game of playing favorites?

To see the original post and photo source, click the links below.

Krazy about Ikat (509 hits)
Peacock Love (660 hits)
Beauty of Books (681 hits)
My Claim to Frame (799 hits)
It’s all Greek Key to Me (1,017 hits)

{And to the rest of my posts… While you didn’t make the cut I promise I love you all equally!!!!!}


Bella Decor, Arlington

14 Mar

On Saturday my friend Joanna and I took a stroll into Arlington Heights to check out the new SUPER FUNKY home decor shop that just opened, called Bella Decor.  Tony and I had passed by it a week before, just a few days after their grand opening, and after a quick peak inside I knew I needed to head back with camera in hand. Well…


They take old pieces found at estate sales, and spruce them up with bright paint, and modern upholstery. Basically, it is my dream house furnishings on crack.  But enough raving from this girl…. see for yourself!!

Bella Decor. 1343 Mass Ave. (website still underway…)

Funky Furniture

Previously seen on HFoP:

Ikat Galore

HFoP loves Ikat too!  Check out more here.


Previously seen on HFoP…
Wood Crates
Ball Jars

As the weather gets nicer, I hope to highlight some other kick a$$ furniture/antique/vintage stores in the greater Boston area, so stay tuned.  And if you have any recommendations, pleeeease let me know by commenting below!

{Happy Shopping!}

Sleep beautiful…

11 Mar

Oh how I love a good night’s sleep.  I’m one of those people that could get into bed at 8pm every night and be totally happy.  But what makes me even happier, is a brand new comforter or duvet to cuddle up to!

Now in this case, comfort trumps everything.  You want to look for something that feels good against your skin, can withstand a good wash (machine washable is always preferable) and of course, fits on your bed!  But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a spread that also looks great!

Anthropologie hands down has my FAVORITE duvet covers.  To some, they might look a little “out of the box”, but to me they are perfection.

Peacock Love!

How lovely.

If you’re just tuning in to HFoP, I’m kind of in love with Ikat, so obviously this is a must have!

I’ve had my heart set on this one for a while… Just waiting for it to go on sale!

Here’s the one Tony and I ended up with from Crate and Barrel (why thank YOU registry!).  It’s so colorful and happy…I could NOT be more pleased with it!

Crate and Barrel

While I’m typically drawn to color for bedding, I do really like the simplicity and clean line look of these.

West Elm

Pottery Barn

John Robshaw has so many beautiful bedding fabrics, it was hard to pick just one to showcase…

But I managed 🙂

On sale at Burke Decor

And while you’re there

Um, LOVE that Vintage Industrial piece at the foot of the bed.  I found a very similar (and likely cheaper) one on Etsy from Brand Mojo Interiors!

But if you’re like me, you can never seem to find something to match the image in your head.  Well now you can come close with this fantastic “create your own” comforter website!

Thanks Mom for passing this Inmod site along 🙂

Here are a few I put together…

{Sleep tight!}

Deal Alert: Curtains

18 Jan

Big thanks to reader Katie O. for requesting a post about curtains.  And what good timing she has, because I just had a curtain shopping epiphany!

You know you’re a grown up when you start shopping for curtains.  As a kid, teenager, college student, and even post graduation, I NEVER bought curtains. What’s the point, when your apartment comes with fully functioning (and dust covered) plastic blinds, right?

Well, recently I’ve been on a curtain hunt…guess I’m officially a grown up. However what I found is that these guys, no matter how basic, are expensive!!!   And you have to buy multiple packs!  And don’t even get me started on trying to find a funky pattern for a decent price… NOT happenin.

So while browsing in Target this passed weekend, I came across Ikat shower curtains.  Oh Ikat, how I love you. The curtains were cotton, so they were window treatment looking. And the best part? They were on CLEARANCE!  $7.49 baby!!!!  So obviously I grabbed them and ran to the cash register.

Now this was no doubt a real bargain, but as I drove home I thought “is this too good to be true?”. Well let me tell you… it was NOT.  And I LOOOOOVE them!  See for yourself!

Traditional “in the shower” way….

Target (store for $7.49, online for 14.99)

Jenny’s new “in the office” way!

Everyone makes fun of my miniature desk. Go ahead… have a laugh…but I got my masters at that desk!

From Jenny’s HFoP

Only thing you need to remember with most shower curtains, is that they come with tiny holes.  So don’t forget to pick up some shower hooks!  I got mine at HomeGoods for $5.99!  I actually prefer using hooks because they allow the curtain to slide to the side nicely.

So to sum up, here are the great advantages of using shower curtains:

  1. Less expensive!  Case in point:  This curtain from West Elm goes for $60 (per panel!!)
    West Elm
  2. Traditional size is 72″ wide (as compared to 52″ for regular curtains) so you can often get away with only one panel!
  3. Variety!  Shower curtains come with such a variety of pattens and designs.  Much more variety than your traditional curtains or drapes.

I’ll leave you with some other fantastic shower curtains.  I’m ready to do my whole apartment like this!

Amazon ($10)

A little pricey, but beauiful!  Saffron Marigold

Crate and Barrel

West Elm ($39) See? Much less than the window treatment above!

Similar style, even cheaper! Target ($24)

On sale!  Target ($19.99)

Thanks again Katie for the post request!
{Got more?  Send them over!}

Krazy about Ikat!

4 Dec

Ikat: (pronounced “eee-kaht”) A method of weaving that uses a resist dying process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibres.  The dye is applied prior to the threads being woven to create the final fabric pattern or design.

So it’s not a new trend by any means, but I’m kind of obsessed with Ikat right now.

I love it…

I personally think Ikat is the coolest in pillow form:

Koko - Java 20x20 Ikat Pillow Ikat Damask Pillow Made By Company C - Decorative Pillows ($100), ($145) ($58)

FJS Pillows Ikat & Floral 1 - Click to enlarge Koko Company Java 18" x 18" Pillow Marrakesh Graphite Pillow ($120) ($74) ($125)

It’s an Ikat pillow orgy!  All from ($75-100)

The colorfull Ikat patterns are also great in the kitchen… ($65) ($36 each)

Or the living room… ($325) ($198)
I love this!!  Ceylon et Cie ($?? But I’ll bet it’s more than my rent)

Round Ikat Ottoman ($2,100) ($48)

Ikat Wall Art:

I like these so much, I would totally steal them if I had a bigger purse. ($550 each)

I want it…

So let’s face it.. this stuff is really fun, but PRI-CEEEEY.  I originally thought about going the Ikat DIY route, but quickly found that the fabric alone is pretty expensive (about $25 – $60/yard).  After factoring in the fabric and pillow insert, it would probably cost the same to purchase a pillow if you could find a good deal!   I’ve done a lot of looking…. I mean A LOT…. but it’s been well worth it because check out some of my cheaper finds to get IKAT ASAP!!

Beautiful Decorative Pillow Cover 18 x 18 INCH - Designer Fabric -  ANIMAL PRINT - Throw Pillow - Accent Pillow - Persimmon NEW Decorative Designer Pillow Cover 20X20 - Duralee Bardo IKAT Print in Red, Taupe, Rust, Navy Blue and Green on an Ivory Background

FREE SHIPPING Red Ikat West Elm Designed Fabric Pillow Cover

Decorative Designer  Pillow Cover - 18X18 - IKAT PRINT, GREY, CHARTREUSE ON NATURAL BACKGROUND

All from (various design
ers) all under $50!

These babies are only $22! ($22)

Here are a ton of covers for under $50!

I’m sorry, but this is brilliant:

You like?  Believe it or not – these storage boxes were colored with highlighters!  Can it get any cheaper???  

And last but not least… tell Nieman Marcus to screw it and get a similar piece for almost 1/7 of the price!  C’mon, you know you deserve it.

Both from ($79, $49)

{Got more Ikat affordables?  Send them to me!}

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