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Be right back!

22 Mar

It’s getting hard for me to contain my excitement right now…. but very soon you are going to see an entire new HFoP!!!

While I work with my new fabulous designer/tech goddess to get set up on the new website, and get schooled in web development/design 101, the blogs posts might be a little slow…


So I apologize in advance for any error messages and slow content, but I promise to make it all up to you with the new fabulous design.

Be back soon!




Hat Attack Giveaway Winner

19 Mar

Happy Monday everyone!

And an even happier Monday for Carolyn L. who is the winner of the Hat Attack giveaway!

Carolyn, you lucky chick, please email me at so we can talk shipping address 🙂

For everyone else, thanks so much for entering and helping spread the word about Hat Attack.

*Giveaway winner is chosen using a random drawing tool,*

So this past weekend was the first weekend since we moved into our new house that we didn’t spend most of it doing house stuff.  While it felt good (really good) to get out and about, I’m definitley anxous to get back at it!

Coming up on HFoP….

1.  Project: Hallway gallery wall

2. Fun with pots and pans

3. House Update: Bathroom decor

And one of my all time favorite topics…

4. Jewerly organization

{Stay tuned}

Big things ahead…

17 Mar

First off, sorry for the double post on Thursday!

Things have been a little wild and crazy over in HFoP land because I am currently in the process of revamping the site!

Oh yeah, that’s right…House Full of Pretty is getting a major makeover!!!  And unlike our recent house makeovers, this one is far more brain than labor intensive. 

I don’t want to spoil too much too soon, but what I can say is that the site will be undergoing some much needed changes both on the outisde, and inside…And cross your fingers it’s gonna look smokin hot!

And for any bloggers out there who have contemplated switching from or Blogger to… I promise to share my experience with you!


P.S. Don’t forget to enter the Hat Attack Giveaway which closes Sunday!   We’re talking about a free designer hat, people.  Let’s get on this!

Keep Calm and Carry On

8 Mar

This saying has become quite popular over the past few years, especially in the form of posters and other home decor items.  In fact we had one framed in our living room apartment and I remember noticing it during a particularly hard month in my life, and thinking… You know what?  That’s some great advice, living room poster!  Thanks.

But where did the saying come from, and how did it become so popular?

Thanks Tony for alerting me to this quick, yet informative video about it’s origin.


(Email subscribers – click image to view video on YouTube)

Want some?  Not to worry, you can find these prints easily for under $20.  Here are some ideas of ways to remember to keep calm in your home.

Keep Calm and Carry On
And get excited… I have a pretty amazing giveaway on Monday!
No hints 😉 Gotta check back to find out!!!

Lessons Three: Hello Emo

22 Feb

What I am about to say is absolutely impossible to fully achieve, so just putting that out there.


Try not to get emotionally attached to the houses!

Ha!  Yeah right.  I went into the process stone cold, ready for anything, and after our first offer was rejected I became a cynical emotional wreck.
Hi there, wanna hang out???

But one thing that really worked for us, after a little bit of trial and error, was turning the search process into something that was as objective as possible.

Enter the Excel Spreadsheet.  

We actually used Google docs for this because it’s an easy way to share (and we are tech nerds), but any spreadsheet will work.
Here’s all you gotta do:

1. In Row #1: Enter house detail category words (price, location, cost, square footage, etc…)  Pretty much anything that might make or break your decision.

2. In Row #2: Fill in the details with your “must haves”.
If you are buying with someone else, make SURE you are both on the same page here!!!  If not, back up, try again.

3. In the remaining rows, enter the details for all of the houses you visit.  No cheating.

4. Highlight anything that doesn’t meet the criteria in Row #2 in red.



This may seem silly, but it really allows you to look at the houses you visit objectively and logically… a.k.a. without all of the emotion that you may want to attach to them.   It also helps you remember all those little details, because after a while, all the houses blur together!  If you can, add a picture to the list!

Also be strict with your criteria.  The longer you look, the easier it is to “bend” a little with your needs.  Yes, the walk in closet is soooo dreamy…. But trust me, a 500 sq/ft 1 bed house with bad roof is not “doable” no matter how many shoes it will fit. Do not ignore the red in the spreadsheet!

Ultimately if you’re not in a super rush to find a place, it’s worth the wait to find the place that suits you best.  There is no perfect home, but there are a lot of really great ones out there ready for you to make your own.

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