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Can’t get enough

3 Aug

One of my favorite blogs, Elements of Style posted about the amazing trend of Moroccan prints yesterday, and while I shared my obsession for these a few months back HERE, I couldn’t help but spread the love again…

As you will see, it’s been on my mind lately… 

Here I am last week in the bathroom (yes bathroom) of a restaurant on the seaport, taking a photo of the amazing quatrefoil wallpaper!  Inspiration is everywhere folks!


But if you prefer shopping for this pattern in stores, no problemo.


1 – Source, 2, 4, 7 – Source, 5 – Source, 6 – Source, 3 – Source, 8,  9 – Source

{I just love me some quatrefoil!}


Take me to Morocco!

3 Mar

While flipping through this month’s Crate and Barrel catalog, I got stuck on a spread dedicated to Moroccan inspired prints.  There I was… sitting at my kitchen table, looking out at all the snow and thinking “GOD I NEED A VACATION”!    Well since I’m not able to head to Morocco, or some other exotic location anytime soon, I figured writing about it would be the next best (and far less expensive) thing.

So this post is dedicated to the totally fun look of Moroccan decor,  and it’s inspired by the never disappointing pages of the Crate and Barrel catalog.

Now when you first think of Morocco, your mind probably goes straight to bright and vibrant colors. But Moroccan style is also so much about intricate patterns and filigree as you can see here:

Moroccan Stencil Patterns from Design Amour

There’s a lot of attention to geometric type prints… which you may remember from this post, I absolutely love!

Ok, so let’s begin with where this inspiration all started. Crate and Barrel.

Marrakesh Print

Shasta Pillow

Moroccan Wall Art

Jaipur Bed Linens

Now C&B aren’t the only ones rockin this look right now.  Check out some other fabulous Moroccan inspired finds.

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