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Happy 1st Birthday HFoP!

1 Dec

I can’t even believe it’s been a whole year since I started this blog.  I won’t lie…writing a blog can be quite time consuming, but also extremely gratifying, and I could not have kept it up if it weren’t for YOU!  Yes, I’m talking to YOU readers!

Thank you so much for reading, commenting, sharing your decorating and DIY ideas, and for all of your support.  I went from averaging 20 hits a day, to now over 1000 hits a week!  So thank you from the bottom of my heart… and I promise year 2 is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

So I thought for today’s post it would be appropriate to take a look back to December 1, 2010 – my first official blog post on fabric.   Oh the good ol’ days…

Arhcive: December 1, 2010

I’ve been on a hunt for something to brighten up our living room walls, but didn’t want to frame yet another vacation photo. In my quest for ideas I came across some pretty great fabric websites…. some designs so damn pretty they can serve as wall art all by themselves!

I love it…

Suzani Fabric
Inspired by Uzbek Folk Art


Damask Fabric
Great for mixing and matching.   I personally prefer the black and white patterns over the colored ones.

Geometric Fabric
One of my favorites right now!

Just received 2 of these off our wedding registry 🙂

Geometry 20" Pillow

I want it…

One of my favorite sites is (quite the discernible domain name, huh?).  What I love about this particular site (aside from the affordable prices) is that they let you create a preview pallet so you can play around with mixing and matching colors and patterns before purchasing.

Here are some combos I’ve been playing around with:

Green Swatches

Blues, Browns and Yellows..

Reds and Yellows…

The first swatch on this last pallet I purchased to use as a tablecloth!

If you like that “grid” look above, go ahead and pick out a multi-picture frame.

Something like…

It’s as easy as placing your different fabrics in  each square (attaching it to card-stock or the backer that comes with the frame to keep the fabric sturdy).  The best thing about this DIY…. You can splurge a bit on the frame, since many sites (including allow you to order JUST the swatches (about $1.95/each).   Much cheaper than ordering in yardage, and less wasteful!

Here’s a little “fabric frame” project I did with a canvas tapestry that my fiance’s family got us from Ireland.

Rather than have the whole thing done at a framer ($$$), I went to Michaels and just had them cut the matte board to my specifications.  Then I purchased an inexpensive poster frame, and put it together using double sided tape.  Viola!

You want it even easier??   I thought you’d never ask.

Not only is this SUPER easy, it’s totally cheap… and now likely my next project.  Just pick up an embroidery hoop (can purchase at any craft or sewing store for about $1 each) and securely fasten in the fabric using the adjustable brackets.

Still on the easy train…

Here’s some “art” I just put in our bedroom.  I had an extra frame lying around, and this really bright and vibrant piece of fabric that I bought on a whim (a.k.a. it was cheap!).  All I did was secure the fabric right inside the frame (just like you would a photo)!  For some bolder prints I feel like you can get away without matting.

*sorry for the glare!*

Now with larger pieces of fabric, you can totally forgo the frame and make  fabric wall panels instead!

What you’ll need for this look:

  • Foam Core
  • Double sided tape
  • Fabric!

1-2-3 Instructions:

  1. Simply cut out the foam core to the size you like (you can make them all the same size for a more geometric look, or go wild with varying squares or rectangles).
  2. Using the double sided tape (or poster tape), tape along the edges of the foam core
  3. Then place the foam core onto the back side of your fabric, and fold the fabric over the sides.  Make sure you have about 1 – 2 inches to fold over

{Know of some great fabric websites?  Do share!}


Going somewhere?

31 Jan

My dad is super creative, handy, and a little bit “out of the box” so this housewarming gift he made for me and Tony was so special… because it is so him!

From Jenny’s HFoP

Like the look?  See what other creative things you can do with metal signs…

Do It Yourself

Bluebellbazzar @etsy

Shutter Stock

Chair Designing


DIY Alert!!

RecycledArtCo @ Etsy

Clock & Belt Buckle
Both from Stevenshaverdesigns@Etsy

26olivestreet @etsy

Design Turnpike @Ebay

{Road trip anyone?}

Show off those prized jewels…

21 Jan

I love jewelry…. and not the fancy shmancy kind that costs a fortune, but the super fun costume jewelry that you can get on the cheap!

But I have this problem, that I’m sure many of you out there have (don’t be shy!) and that is that I forget about the awesome pieces I own because they are tucked away somewhere where I don’t see them.

Solution?  Pick up one of these funky jewelry displays and accomplish two tasks.

  1. Remember the goods you have, and subsequently wear them more often…
  2. Add some design/art to your bedroom!

Check it out!

Denim Blue Stoneware Jewelry Bowl
New use for pottery!

Barnwood Earring Holder FRAME...rustic refined
This is a super easy DIY.  All you need is a frame, and a piece of mesh screen!

18 inch Honeycomb Earring Rack (Chocolate and Tan)
Honeycomb!  How clever!

Etsy sellers: nealpotteryParadiseHillDesigns,  mostazaseed

Now this Etsy shop sells really creative (and pretty) jewelry holders exclusively! And all under $50!

Square Display Frame

Glass Knob Jewelry Frames

Earring Pedestal

jewelsondisplay1 @ Etsy

Hands down, my FAVORITE item of the day.

Jewelry organizer by Bluebirdheaven
bluebirdheaven @ Etsy ($118)

This is actually an old printer tray (painted) that you can pick up pretty inexpensively on Ebay.  Click here for a listing of trays under $25!

Yet ANOTHER way to reuse corks!

4eyesandears @ etsy ($50)

Love the tree themed look, and there is a great variety of these out there for sale!

Bed Bath and Beyond ($20)

Earth Studio ($40)

Mod Cloth ($27)

The Well Dressed Home ($24-38)

From Jenny’s HFoP (Bought at Faces in Northampton, MA)

Not the prettiest, but this guy holds a TON of stuff, keeps things from getting tangled, and can double as a great jewelry travel bag!

From Jenny’s HFoP (Bought at Bed Bath and Beyond, $15)

{Now go show off what you got!}

Project: New School Chalkboard

12 Jan

Whooohoo SNOW DAY!

For those lucky enough to be stuck in the house today, it’s a great day for organizing, cleaning up & out, decorating, doing craft projects… Oh did I say projects?  Well now that we’re on the subject….

Here was a favorite summer project of mine.  And let me tell you… this project is pretty easy (and cheap) to do! So if you could use one of these in your home… try this DIY out!

It started with a windowpane purchase from a flea market ($10).  Of course I can’t find the original picture, but it looked almost identical to this one.  Now I was really lucky in that it came with OUT the glass, because it saved me a ton of time!

No flea market nearby? Click here to buy a used one for under $20!!

The wood was almost bare, with a hint of old white paint, which I actually liked.  I wanted to add a little bit of extra color, and decided to paint it with something called Distress crackle paint, in order to keep the “worn” look.  This stuff is super cool, and comes with a built in paint brush!

Make sure you check out Tim Holtz’s tutorial video to see it in action!  FYI he starts talking at 00:41.

Now I knew I wanted to make the board magnetic, but instead of using plywood and painting it with magnetic paint (super pricey – at least $40 can!!!) I bought a sheet of steel from Lowes, precut to my specifications instead ($3).  Holy savings!

Thanks again Dad for letting me share your basement work space! 🙂

I then painted the steel with 3 coats of chalkboard paint.

Quart Black Chalkboard Brush-on Paint
(Home Depot, $10)

Now my dad *strongly* suggests priming the steel first… but I’m always in a hurry, so I didn’t.  Totally up to you here.

Once dry, I secured the painted steel to the back of the windowpane using duck tape, to keep it nice and sealed.

Lastly, I added 3 knobs that I picked up at Anthropologie.  They have a FABULOUS collection of knobs and other hardware. Check it out! Although beware, these babies add up!   Here’s what I went with:

Villa Capri Knob Glass Zinnia Knob Villa Ischia Knob

Once the knobs were screwed in, and a piece of wire was attached to the back of the board (for hanging)…. the final product was ready!!

Close up of crackle paint

Closeup of knob.

Now this is great for hanging coupons, photos, leaving love notes :), take-out-the-trash reminders, or just a place to display funky magnets.  The world is yours!

{Got any of your own DIY projects to share?  Send them my way!}

Put a Cork in it.

6 Jan

Following a previous post about what do with empty wine bottles, I received a ton of great ideas and requests for how to reuse corks.  I’ve actually been saving corks for quite some time now (and kinda like how they look right now!)

From Jenny’s HFoP

But I have a plan, and that is to create a trivet, like one of these:

Wine Enthusiast ($13/set)

But there are so many other cool things you can do!


(1) Wine Enthusiast
(2) Etsy ($15/4)

Bulletin Boards

(1) Wine Enthusiast
(2) Crafting a Green World

Table Card Holder

Etsy ($15)


(1) Etsy ($40)
(2) Cork Creations KC

Cork Truck (not for sale)

Candle Holders

Etsy ($10)
The Spoon Sisters ($12)


Keychains ($30)

Monogram Napkin Rings ($27)

{Challenge:  Drink up, and show me what you can do!}

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