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Fabric Frame Project

26 May

So our bedroom needs some major assistance.  It’s one of the rooms in the house that few people see, and so I guess it’s taken a bit of a decorating back seat!  In addition to desperately needing a headboard (oh the search has begun) we needed something pretty to hang above our bed.  Of course, I wanted something original but not super costly.  Oh, don’t we all 🙂

Result?  “Do It Yourself” I say!

So I was totally inspired by these fabric framed photos I found while perusing Pinterest

Suzanne Kasler

Lilly Pulitzer

…and I decided to take on the challenge!  

So here’s a step by step guide to your very own, very original, fabric framed wall art!  

* * * 

 First thing’s first:   Go fabric shopping!
Ok, so rocks. They sell  8 x 8 inch “swatches” for $1.75 each, which is killer when you only need a small piece of fabric for your project, and a yard can cost up to $20!  This is a super steal people!

I decided to buy more than I needed so I had some freedom to play around a bit.  Here was my order:

Next find frames.  To keep the cost down, I wanted a frame that came with the mat, and these Sondrum frames from Ikea are only 6.99!  Don’t you just love the little dot detailing???  Makes them stand out a bit!

Now comes the fun part.  This project could take you 30 minutes… unless you live with a perfectionist in which that time might triple 🙂

Make sure all the fabric is totally flat.  Might require a quick ironing job.

To center the fabric, take out the mat and play around.  Make sure you tape it (recommend 3m painters tape so that it doesn’t rip the mat board) so that when you flip it over, you don’t lose the spot.

Once it looks good, flip it, and tape it down to the back of the mat!

Now, put the pieces back into the frame, and lay them out on a table to determine your grid size.

I wanted each of the 6 frames 3 inches apart on all sides, which meant:

Using the grid you created, mark up your wall.  This may require a second set of hands to keep things straight!

And then hang away!!!

Pardon the slight uneveness… We have some little “runners” upstairs that seem to shift things a bit 😉


{And you’re done!} 

Once we get a headboard, I might add a 3rd row of frames.  What do you think?


Feel good art.

11 Jan

I spend a lot of time out in Western Massachusetts, and there is this totally “look but don’t touch” artisan gallery called Pinch that I looooove to torture myself by going into.   Their stuff is gorgeous, funky, unique… but a bit expensive (although warranted for the high quality of their items).

Well hands down my favorite piece at Pinch… and an item that I check regularly to see if it has gone on sale (nope, not yet) is this slatted wood sign:

I want you!!!
Sugarboo Designs ($200+)

While we’re there…here are some other “make you feel all warm and fuzzy” pieces from Sugarboo, over at Pinch Gallery.

Dont’cha just love when something not only looks good.. but makes you feel good??  Well I hope you do, cause I’m about to blog about it!

* * *

Just framed this in our living room.  Anyone who knows me and Tony, knows how much this quote rings true right now!

This one is from Cut Paste Print @ Etsy ($16), but if you like this look, just google the quote and you’ll find this print in a ton of colors and styles.

Ok you have GOT to check out my friend Abbie’s incredible collection of mixed media artwork, at Millie May Studios.  Here are a few of my favorites:

“Even with my eyes open, I can still see my dreams”

More info at

At West End ($34)

You know what?  I think I will. Groundwork @ Etsy ($20)

Rawart Letter Press @ Etsy ($27)

ColorBee @ Etsy ($15)

No inspirational words needed for this guy… this Buddha says enough!

World Market ($79)

So true. NickAgin @ Etsy ($14)

I’ll leave you with a feel good art DIY!

From LilBlueBoo.
Instructions found here!

{Feeling fabulous yet?}

Krazy about Ikat!

4 Dec

Ikat: (pronounced “eee-kaht”) A method of weaving that uses a resist dying process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibres.  The dye is applied prior to the threads being woven to create the final fabric pattern or design.

So it’s not a new trend by any means, but I’m kind of obsessed with Ikat right now.

I love it…

I personally think Ikat is the coolest in pillow form:

Koko - Java 20x20 Ikat Pillow Ikat Damask Pillow Made By Company C - Decorative Pillows ($100), ($145) ($58)

FJS Pillows Ikat & Floral 1 - Click to enlarge Koko Company Java 18" x 18" Pillow Marrakesh Graphite Pillow ($120) ($74) ($125)

It’s an Ikat pillow orgy!  All from ($75-100)

The colorfull Ikat patterns are also great in the kitchen… ($65) ($36 each)

Or the living room… ($325) ($198)
I love this!!  Ceylon et Cie ($?? But I’ll bet it’s more than my rent)

Round Ikat Ottoman ($2,100) ($48)

Ikat Wall Art:

I like these so much, I would totally steal them if I had a bigger purse. ($550 each)

I want it…

So let’s face it.. this stuff is really fun, but PRI-CEEEEY.  I originally thought about going the Ikat DIY route, but quickly found that the fabric alone is pretty expensive (about $25 – $60/yard).  After factoring in the fabric and pillow insert, it would probably cost the same to purchase a pillow if you could find a good deal!   I’ve done a lot of looking…. I mean A LOT…. but it’s been well worth it because check out some of my cheaper finds to get IKAT ASAP!!

Beautiful Decorative Pillow Cover 18 x 18 INCH - Designer Fabric -  ANIMAL PRINT - Throw Pillow - Accent Pillow - Persimmon NEW Decorative Designer Pillow Cover 20X20 - Duralee Bardo IKAT Print in Red, Taupe, Rust, Navy Blue and Green on an Ivory Background

FREE SHIPPING Red Ikat West Elm Designed Fabric Pillow Cover

Decorative Designer  Pillow Cover - 18X18 - IKAT PRINT, GREY, CHARTREUSE ON NATURAL BACKGROUND

All from (various design
ers) all under $50!

These babies are only $22! ($22)

Here are a ton of covers for under $50!

I’m sorry, but this is brilliant:

You like?  Believe it or not – these storage boxes were colored with highlighters!  Can it get any cheaper???  

And last but not least… tell Nieman Marcus to screw it and get a similar piece for almost 1/7 of the price!  C’mon, you know you deserve it.

Both from ($79, $49)

{Got more Ikat affordables?  Send them to me!}

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