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Can’t get enough

3 Aug

One of my favorite blogs, Elements of Style posted about the amazing trend of Moroccan prints yesterday, and while I shared my obsession for these a few months back HERE, I couldn’t help but spread the love again…

As you will see, it’s been on my mind lately… 

Here I am last week in the bathroom (yes bathroom) of a restaurant on the seaport, taking a photo of the amazing quatrefoil wallpaper!  Inspiration is everywhere folks!


But if you prefer shopping for this pattern in stores, no problemo.


1 – Source, 2, 4, 7 – Source, 5 – Source, 6 – Source, 3 – Source, 8,  9 – Source

{I just love me some quatrefoil!}


Teach me Tuesday: Quatrefoil

26 Apr

After last week’s debut of Teach me Tuesday, Chevron… Here’s another “legit” term for a pattern I love.

HFoP is totally schooling ya’ll right now!

Quatrefoil is an old term used to describe a four-lobed ornament (kinda like a four leaf clover), that was historically used in the Gothic period for windows, architectural detailing and furniture.  Today however, it’s become popular in rugs, wallpaper, even as an art form (um… check out my banner).

La Dolce Vita

Shades of Light

DIY alert!

The CSI Project 

Cheap right now @ Amazon!

Clayton Gray Home


Lampshade DIY Instructions here




Home Accents Today

Williams Sonoma 


Zuniga Interiors 

{So what do you think? Comment below!}

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