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Plates on a wall

24 Jan

Just like the movie Snakes on a Plane, “Plates on a Wall” are a non-intuitive (and sometimes scary) placement!

But UNLIKE the movie (which I never saw, and based off the reviews, hope you didn’t either) plates on a wall can rock!  Decorative plates are incredibly accessible, inexpensive, and the variety is amazing.  Pick a color scheme (greens, blues, white), a design theme (flowers, polka dots, geometric shapes) or just start collecting plates that you think are beautiful.  No matter how you do it, it looks fantastic.. and it’s your own!

Check it.

Down and Out Chic

Imperfectly Beautiful


This one was sent in from reader Dara!

Check her out!

Arhaus ($12-29)

Country Living

Now I know you’re thinking… well what happens when I break all the plates, attempting to hang them? Well I got you covered.

First, pick up plate hangers (with plastic tips).  These are super cheap (under $2) and you can find them at any craft store or on Amazon.

Next, you can use a huge piece of craft paper, and find your “perfect” arrangement by tracing the plates there first.  OR (and my preference)… start from the middle and hang one plate.  Then move out, up/down from there.  Remember, symmetry is not always the answer here!

Ok still too much?  No problem… try a different approach to hanging!

Apartment Therapy

Fine Home Displays ($19)

From Jenny’s HFoP

{Now go raid grandma’s china cabinet, and get hangin!}


My Claim to Frame

30 Dec

Here is my latest design obsession… The random yet organized look of a Gallery Wall.

Not only are there are so many variations of ways to achieve this look, but this is a collectors DREAM!  And bonus!  This is a rather inexpensive DIY…. so check out some inspirational pictures below, and get hangin!!

Get it…

A great place to pick up cheap frames are yard sales or flea markets.  And don’t be turned off by the REALLY BAD art – remember, that’s removable!

Michaels or AC Moore sells these plain black plastic frames CHEAP!

Jordan Guide Design

Hint: A great way to save $$$ is to buy a frame that comes pre-matted.  Ikea has a really great line of affordable pre-matted frames called RIBBA that come in various colors, and sizes.

Pottery Barn

Go nuts with COLOR!!

The Design Slice

Don’t limit yourself to traditional photos/images…  Give the look some life by adding other wall hanging doodads.

The Simply Luxurious Life

So don’t have a free wall?  How about some empty shelves?  Wow I just love these two looks!

Pottery Barn

Have cool frames, but nothing to put in them?  No problemo!

Chris & Paige

Martha Stewart

{Helpful Hints for Hanging:}

  1. To make sure you like your collage before putting too many holes in the wall, try arranging frames on the floor first.
  2. To avoid hammering your finger (been there done that), try using a clothes pin to hold the nail in place (as seen in previous post New Uses for Old Things).
  3. If you rent, consider using adhesive picture hanging strips instead of nails.
  4. For those ‘pain in the a$$’ multiple nail frames, try this!  Get some masking or painting tape and lay a strip along the back of the frame to be hung. Poke holes in the tape to mark where you want the nails to go. Then pull off the tape and stick it to the wall and either hammer the nail through the tape, or use it as a stencil to mark where the nail should go!
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