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Fabric Frame Project

26 May

So our bedroom needs some major assistance.  It’s one of the rooms in the house that few people see, and so I guess it’s taken a bit of a decorating back seat!  In addition to desperately needing a headboard (oh the search has begun) we needed something pretty to hang above our bed.  Of course, I wanted something original but not super costly.  Oh, don’t we all 🙂

Result?  “Do It Yourself” I say!

So I was totally inspired by these fabric framed photos I found while perusing Pinterest

Suzanne Kasler

Lilly Pulitzer

…and I decided to take on the challenge!  

So here’s a step by step guide to your very own, very original, fabric framed wall art!  

* * * 

 First thing’s first:   Go fabric shopping!
Ok, so rocks. They sell  8 x 8 inch “swatches” for $1.75 each, which is killer when you only need a small piece of fabric for your project, and a yard can cost up to $20!  This is a super steal people!

I decided to buy more than I needed so I had some freedom to play around a bit.  Here was my order:

Next find frames.  To keep the cost down, I wanted a frame that came with the mat, and these Sondrum frames from Ikea are only 6.99!  Don’t you just love the little dot detailing???  Makes them stand out a bit!

Now comes the fun part.  This project could take you 30 minutes… unless you live with a perfectionist in which that time might triple 🙂

Make sure all the fabric is totally flat.  Might require a quick ironing job.

To center the fabric, take out the mat and play around.  Make sure you tape it (recommend 3m painters tape so that it doesn’t rip the mat board) so that when you flip it over, you don’t lose the spot.

Once it looks good, flip it, and tape it down to the back of the mat!

Now, put the pieces back into the frame, and lay them out on a table to determine your grid size.

I wanted each of the 6 frames 3 inches apart on all sides, which meant:

Using the grid you created, mark up your wall.  This may require a second set of hands to keep things straight!

And then hang away!!!

Pardon the slight uneveness… We have some little “runners” upstairs that seem to shift things a bit 😉


{And you’re done!} 

Once we get a headboard, I might add a 3rd row of frames.  What do you think?


Plates on a wall

24 Jan

Just like the movie Snakes on a Plane, “Plates on a Wall” are a non-intuitive (and sometimes scary) placement!

But UNLIKE the movie (which I never saw, and based off the reviews, hope you didn’t either) plates on a wall can rock!  Decorative plates are incredibly accessible, inexpensive, and the variety is amazing.  Pick a color scheme (greens, blues, white), a design theme (flowers, polka dots, geometric shapes) or just start collecting plates that you think are beautiful.  No matter how you do it, it looks fantastic.. and it’s your own!

Check it.

Down and Out Chic

Imperfectly Beautiful


This one was sent in from reader Dara!

Check her out!

Arhaus ($12-29)

Country Living

Now I know you’re thinking… well what happens when I break all the plates, attempting to hang them? Well I got you covered.

First, pick up plate hangers (with plastic tips).  These are super cheap (under $2) and you can find them at any craft store or on Amazon.

Next, you can use a huge piece of craft paper, and find your “perfect” arrangement by tracing the plates there first.  OR (and my preference)… start from the middle and hang one plate.  Then move out, up/down from there.  Remember, symmetry is not always the answer here!

Ok still too much?  No problem… try a different approach to hanging!

Apartment Therapy

Fine Home Displays ($19)

From Jenny’s HFoP

{Now go raid grandma’s china cabinet, and get hangin!}

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