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House Files: Upstairs video

17 Jan

Alright friends, let’s head upstairs…

… and that’s when my camera died. ¬†But you got the idea ūüôā

Coming up next… The first look at the work we did over the first weekend. ¬†SUPER EXCITING!!!


House Files: It’s video time!

16 Jan

Hey everyone!   Hope you had a great weekend!

Thank god my office is closed today¬†because I AM BEAT!!! ¬†Tony and I, and our incredibly generous, hardworking and talented parents have spent the last two days doing some MAJOR work in our new home. ¬†Yup, it’s only been ours for 48 hours, but we Hopfs/Schweons waste no time! ¬†Fortunately¬†we accomplished so much more than I thought we would in one weekend, and we could not have done it without our amazing team. ¬†To moms Donna and Tricia and dads Gary and Mark – thanks you again! ¬†We love you!

Ok so I don’t know about you, but I love a good before and after story… and since our house has quite an outdated before, I want to take you along on our journey toward what we think is going to be a fantastic after.

I’ve taken lot’s of pictures which I promise to share along with the DIY and home renovation tips I’m leaning along the way, however I thought I’d start out with a little video house tour. ¬†Please bear with me as I have no videotaping experience, have only a small flip cam, and no hair and makeup team…(damn). ¬†However I think video will give you a really good idea of what we have in store.

And while I won’t give too much away now, stay tuned because some of the things you’ll see in this video (like the horrible wallpaper and wall to wall carpeting) are now completely gone!! ¬†And you won’t believe what a difference it makes! ¬†But that’s to be shown later this week, so chill out, ok??? ūüôā

Alright, enough build up… Ready???

Home Tour: Day 1 after closing

Next up… Second floor “before” video!

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