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Good times in the Bathroom

20 Mar

Remember when I posted about our upstairs bathroom conundrum?
Well I hope I kept you on the edge of your seat…

Here is a refresher with what we started with…

The deal:

Our upstairs full bathroom is quite dated to say the least.  I’m not even sure what color you would call the yellow room… somewhere between mustard and really ripe banana (yummy combo).  But unfortunately bathroom renos are quite expensive, and not high on our spending priority list.  So to hold us over until we win the lottery or yellow tile comes back in style (whichever comes first) I needed to do my best with some fun decor.

Now am I just trying to distract visitors from the color with some really cool accessories?  You betcha!!!

The Stuff:

So after a little bit of shopping, here’s the update!

Paint color: Behr Gentle Rain

Shower curtain from Urban Outfitters


Various brown weave baskets from TJMaxx for storage (reused from apartment)
Hand woven Turkish hand towels from Etsy.

Wall hanging towel holder from Iron Accents (reused from apartment)


Bell jar soap dispenser (resused from apartment)


The one built-in in the entire house!  This is a tribute to our old place 🙂

Ok, so not the most dramatic before and after photo shoot (and sorry for the poor photos… the lighting is horrible in there).  However this was a truly cheap project (under $65) that was a lot of fun to do!

Short term plans:

Replace the toilet (white please!)

Replace the sink (something with storage underneath)

Replace the mirror/light fixture with something (ANYTHING) else!

Long term plans:

Bathroom gut, expand, and total overhaul.

{So how have YOU spruced up your bathroom on the cheap?}


Let’s get creative

5 Mar

What do you do when you’re stuck with bathroom colors from the 1970s (helloooo yellow!) but can’t afford a major update?

Get creative with decor, that’s what!

My plans for our upstairs bathroom…

Upstairs Bathroom
I’m pretty excited about this…
Excited about a bathroom? Yes sir.
Do I need to get out more?  Probably…

{Anyone else have some creative and inexpensive ways to spruce up a dated room?}

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