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Storage Underestimated

3 Nov

Tony and I are incredibly lucky to currently be living in an apartment that’s got a whooooole lotta’ storage.  It’s funny because I didn’t fully appreciate this fact until we started checking out houses for sale in our neighborhood, and realized that really good storage is hard to come by.  Especially when it comes to the kitchen!

Case in point.  Right now we are spoiled because we have both a large built-in unit in our diningroom and a pantry in our kitchen that I occasionally find myself hanging out in because I love it so much.  Do I need to get out of the house more?  Probably.

Diningroom built-in. 

 Kids don’t come close, it’s fragile up in here.  

And my favorite spot in the house… The pantry!

Here’s a view from the the kitchen so you can see how cute and tucked away it is.

So our kitchen isn’t huge and it’s nothing fancy… and it’s surely not anything like Elements of Style blogger Erin’s new downtown Boston digs.

{More amazing photos can be found here, but fair warning!  You may hate her after you see the ridiculous apartment she will be renting}

But I absolutely love our space because it just works so well for us!  And I would honestly take fantastic storage over new stainless steel appliances any day.  Yes Tony, you can quote me here!

Now I’ve slowly but surely come to terms with the fact that when we eventually buy a house, we likely won’t have the crazy storage that I dream of, or even that of our current apartment.  However with some creativity and of course the help of trusty Pinterest, I know we will be able to make do with whatever we got.

So here are some creative kitchen storage ideas I’m currently keeping on file for when that day comes!


I looove the idea of using a pegboard for storage.  My parents have one in their pantry to store pots, pans and lids and I always thought it was the coolest.  Such trendsetters, my mom and dad…



I’m diggin this idea for the freezer food storage, because you KNOW you have lost frozen chicken breasts back there someone.  Admit it!


Now why didn’t I think of this?


 How handy!


You know how I love me some Ball Jars!


And one of my favorites.  Talk about utilizing all of your space!


So talk to me about storage, people.
What are some of your creative ideas?

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