Oh hey, overlay!

13 Mar

Thanks to those who entered the Hat Attack giveaway!  If you haven’t already, it’s not too late!  Check it out HERE.


As if I didn’t have enough DIY projects swimming around in my head right now… here is another one that I must do!

One of my ‘regular read’ bloggers Centsational Girl posted about overlays the other day…

What are overlays you ask?  Great question… They are basically fretwork panels that can be placed over existing furniture to add a little dimension.

Here are some examples from the O’Verlays website:

The best part about these particular overlays is that they can be ordered specifically for Ikea furniture!  Key to my heart ♥

When I first saw what an overlay could do to boring a dresser, I almost died…

We currently use my “just outta college” Ikea dresser in our guest bedroom, and boy could it use a makeover.

I love the “fiona”.

So this project will definitely be added to my long list of to dos… and I will be sure to report back once it’s checked off!

{So how would YOU overlay?}


One Response to “Oh hey, overlay!”

  1. kirsten March 13, 2012 at 3:37 pm #

    Love ALL of those overlays too. Can’t wait to see the redo of your dresser!

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