Lesson Two: The Search is On

20 Feb

Now that you’ve decided the time is right to start looking to buy (see previous post for more info), the next thing to decide is how are you going to actually find that house of yours?

Based on friends’ recommendations, we decided to use Redfin, which is kind of like an online real estate company, with lot’s of cool perks.  Here are a few reasons Redfin stands apart, and why we chose to use them…

“Redfin is a company of real estate agents and software engineers working together to change the real estate game in your favor.”

  • Their website is fantastic!  They use map based searching so you can really narrow it down to “where” you want to be.  They also provide detailed information about the process, and a record of the houses you’ve visited, and put offers on.  After we put an offer on our house, there was a checklist with dates on the website that allowed us to take all of the proper steps (and trust me, there are a lot) to getting things finalized.  Super helpful!
  • You can set very detailed email alerts so that you never miss a house that goes on the market and fits your criteria.  And each listing comes with more data than you know what to do with.  Photos, specs, trends, schools, neighborhood, nearby homes for sale, nearby homes that were sold (with prices) and more….
  • The agents do NOT work on commission, but rather get their bonuses based on customer satisfaction, so they truly want what’s best for you!!!   We never felt pressured to buy, and our agent was available around the clock.  (Shout out to Sandy Rosen, We miss you!!!!)
  • And maybe the best part about Redfin… They split the commission check with you!!  So after you’ve woken from the sticker shock induced coma at your closing, you get a nice fat check in the mail, to go spend on new blinds, refrigerator, ramen noodles, whatever….

I give Redfin a HUGE recommendation!  Of course, there are some fantastic Real Estate Agencies out there, so it’s great to shop around, but for someone who loves technology and is obsessed with looking at houses online, Redfin was perfect for me!

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