A story in photos

26 Jan

We are 1 week till move-in day!

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with what the next week has in store, but incredibility satisfied with all the work Tony, our amazing team, and I have done so far….

Wanna see some highlights?  Of course you do!
Apologizes for some of the blurry photos.  This is what happens when a camera meets saw dust…

Removing the “mirror wall” in the living room…

Realizing there is WALLPAPER behind it!  WTF?

Don’t worry… we have wallpaper removing experts in the house.

As well as a professional ceiling painter… Tony’s mom painted EVERY ceiling in the house!!!  SUPERWOMAN!

Tony: “Hey dad, we need to discuss something very important.”
Tony’s Dad: “What’s that, Tony?”
Tony: “Where am I going to put our huge flat screen TV?”
Tony’s Dad: “Not to worry, we can cut a hole in the wall, thread some tube for the wiring, and patch it up like it’s brand new… No sweat!”
Tony: “Thanks Dad.  Glad we’ve got our priorities straight”.

Tony:  “And while you’re at it… can we cut the cabinet to fit our new refrigerator?”
Tony’s dad: “You mean take out my saws???  Hell yeah!”

Can’t resist posting a picture of my adorable sister-in-law Cindy who took a break from studying to lend a hand…

And one of my hottie hubby 🙂
Tony are you cleaning here???  I like this pic.

{Big week and weekend ahead… stay tuned for some dramatic updates!}


2 Responses to “A story in photos”

  1. Domestocrat January 26, 2012 at 9:13 am #

    Love these! Glad you have tons of helpers.
    We just got a new TV and it was top priority for like a month. Good grief!

  2. Vicki Cotton January 26, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    So fun, watching your wonderful house coming along. Keep it coming.

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