House Files: One Week Update

23 Jan

Happy Monday all!  Hope you all had a nice weekend, and for you Bostonians, survived the first real snow of the season.  

Big shocker on what I did this weekend… House work!  But thanks to the incredible work and talent of my inlaws, we got a lot accomplished.  Sorry no videos today (too tired to upload and edit tonight) but here’s a little overview of what we’ve accomplished, and some exciting news in the appliance department.

What the team completed:

Cleaned kitchen cabinets
Sanded all woodwork in house (baseboards, door frames)
Sanded and painted all ceilings
Primed all once-wallpapered walls
Patched all cracks and filled holes
Fixed doors, radiators, and other problem areas (Tony’s dad just wizzes through this stuff… Can’t even count everything he did!)
Primed all bare wood
Ran tubes through the future TV wall to hold cables/wires
Painted all trim in the bedroom
Trimmed part of the kitchen cabinets to fit OUR NEW REFRIGERATOR!!

Ok this was SUPER exciting!  As all new home owners probably can relate, I have been living at Home Depot.  I’ve made some good buddies at my local store.  Well during one of my many trips, I noticed an LG french door, stainless steal refrigerator on sale for over HALF OFF the sticker price.  Seriously???  So I immedietly call Tony with the dimensions, and guess what… with a few minor tweaks to one cabinet, it would fit!  So yes of course, we bought it…  Muscle men Tony and his dad picked it up this weekend, installed it… and I’m in love!

Retail: $2699.00.  Our for $1250.  STEAL!!!!!

Some words of advice… If you can do without delivery, floor models are an incredible deal.  Also keep an eye out for minor scratch and dent pieces, especially on washers and dryers, where no one will even see the dent.  Big savings here!

Up next…

Finish painting trim (entire house)
Clean, wax and buff hardwords (5 rooms)
Add panels to media wall

And 11 days till move-in day.  AHHHHH!


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