Shopping: Antique Farm House

11 Jan

I have a serious love/hate relationship with all of those deal of the day websites.  Sometimes the deals are FABULOUS and just what I need… But more often than not they are shopping distractions from work which lead to credit card bills I later regret.  Yes, the item is 85% off, but do I really need a membership to the fancy gym that’s 30 miles from my house?  Probably not.

But back to the love part… I recently stumbled across a site called Antique Farm House that not only has some crazy cool pieces, but they are super affordable!

This week they are selling these rustic wooden crates for only $36.  If I didn’t already have 5 of them from my many trips to the flea market, I would have snatched one up for sure!

These are great for over the cabinet storage, mudroom or porch items, magazines…
We actually use one for sneakers, and one for gym equipment.  The latter is collecting dust in a major way.

And who doesn’t NEED an apothecary cabinet.  Seriously.

This one is on sale for $112, which is really good for apothecary items!

Go check out their other goodies HERE but don’t be mad at me if you get suckered into buying more than necessary 🙂


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