I love leftovers.

28 Nov

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, and hopefully a few days off from work.  I feel especially thankful this year in that I was able to spend the holiday with both my family and my husband’s family.  It was a big in-law-thanksgiving-fest, which now puts this holiday at the top of my favorite list 🙂

So of course there was amazing food (and a great table setting, mom!), but let’s be honest…one of the best parts of a Thanksgiving meal is the leftovers!!!  Who is with me???  

But here comes the problem… You go to grab your tupperware to store the leftover food, and it’s a disaster.  There are tops that have no bottoms, bottoms that have no tops, and pieces of plastic exploding onto your kitchen floor the second you open the tupperware cabinet.  It’s insanity in there. 

So this post is dedicated to some helpful tips on how to get a grip on your tupperware.  I have used many of these ideas myself, and I am a better person today because of it.  True statement.


First things first – let’s get a handle on what you got.  This step might seem overwhelming, but I promise you only have to do it once a year, and you can probably skip the gym because you may break a sweat.  Take out ALL of your tupperware and display it on a large flat surface, like a kitchen table.  Now start putting the pieces together by securing tops to bottoms.  Done?  What’s left?  TRASH that’s what!  Discard (or better yet, recycle!) of all pieces with no matches.  Seriously, do it.


This one is optional but I think it’s a fantastic idea.  While your pieces are together take a permanent market and number each top and bottom together.  So there should be a “1” top with a “1” bottom.  This will help with those pieces that may look like they are the same size, but the top just won’t fit on the bottom (no matter how hard you push it).  It also helps a year down the line, when you are back to step 1.


I like to keep like things together (this applies to tupperware ONLY!).  I find it easier to keep things divided this way because it’s much easier to locate them when you’re in a hurry.  So tops with tops, big bottoms with big bottoms, squares with squares, circles with circles, you get the point…  It also helps you stack more strategically, and stacking always saves space.


Now it’s time to put these beautiful babies back in their home.  There are a ton of clever ways to keep your tupperware looking pretty and easy to grab.  Check out some of these fabulous tupperware organizing ideas!

Click for source.

Use drawer dividers to help with step #3.

Genious! Use a CD rack to keep tops in place.

Got a deep drawer and some plywood?

Perfect example of my group suggestion.

{So how do you get a grip on your tupperware?}


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