Trend Alert: Ombre

19 Oct

A few years ago I decided to highlight  my hair.  BIG MISTAKE!  I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say I had to have my entire head dyed jet black to cover the crazy “highlight” job, which according to the hair stylist, meant dye the top of my head red.  Here is the best photo I could find, as I tried to stay away from cameras as much as possible during this hair period…

Well after a few months, the highlights started peering through at the bottom of my hair, creating this “fade” look which I actually really liked.  Go figure! 

(Hi Jo!)

Well low and behold, I soon come to find that this fade look had a name… and that name is Ombre!

 Here are some the photos I have in my “Ombre hairdo file” for when I get the courage to dye my hair again.  I just LOVE this look!

And now to my point…  As fashion trends usually do, Ombre has made it’s way into the home decor arena.

So Welcome Ombre.  I dig ya.



Ombre AND Chevron… siiigh…

DIY Instructions HERE!



Want to DIY?  Check out Martha’s Ombre craft projects HERE!

{So what do YOU think about Ombre?}


One Response to “Trend Alert: Ombre”

  1. cooper October 20, 2011 at 8:41 pm #

    I’m currently wearing the ombre hair style……… nobody noticed I even changed my hair aside from my sister !

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