Famous Room Results!

17 Oct

Results from the Famous House/Room Challenge

How did you do?

#1 – Sex and the City: Carrie and Big’s living room

#2 – The house from Father of the Bride

#3 – Parenthood: Adam and Kristina Braverman’s Livingroom

#4 – The Notebook: The house that Noah fixes up for Allie

#5 – The Bachelor Pad

#6 – The Holiday: Iris’s Cottage

#7 – Sex and the City: Carrie’s closet (DUH!!!)

#8 – Marley and Me: John and Jenny’s “east coast” home

#9 – Twilight: Edward Cullen’s House

#10 – It’s Complicated: Meryl Streap’s Kitchen

Source: This AMAZING website called Hooked on Houses.
Check it out HERE!


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