Wedding DIY: Hotel Bags

17 Aug

Wedding DIY #3: Hotel Bags

So this was probably the least creative, yet time consuming project given the 60 hotel bags we needed to make.  The upside to having a really good price hotel block is that everyone stays over!  Paaaarty!

The downside?  You need a full fledged assembly line to put them together!

Enter… Mom and Dad!

To me, a great hotel or “welcome”  bag is one that provides some important information about the weekend, has goodies you can actually enjoy, including snacky foods but also some healthy options, and most importantly, does not cost a fortune!  While you can go crazy creative with the items inside, I decided that wedding budget-wise, this was not worth going overboard.  Especially knowing how many hotel welcome bags I have ripped through just to get to the snacks 🙂

So for our welcome bags, we decided to go with:

  • Cape Cod potato chips (reduced fat – I swear they taste better) to represent our home state
  • Peppermint patties (because I die for anything mint chocolate)
  • Bag of assorted nuts (Tony’s go-to lunch snack)
  • 100 calorie snack packs (assorted)
  • Granola bars (assorted)
  • Bottled water
  • Mini wine bottles (I mean this is a celebration after all!)

In addition to the edible treats I included a 1 page itinerary for the weekend (with our monogram at the top – see post HERE) to remind people where to be when, and to invite them to additional wedding related activities going on in the area.  On the back of the page, I included all important driving directions.

Now let’s not forget the importance of presentation here…  On the outside of the bag here’s what we did:

[White paper bags] 


[Natural/tan colored paper ribbon to tie the bags closed] 


[Assorted cardstock, cut into squares, and glued to the outside of the bag] 


 [Love stamp, to go on the cardstock]

Here are me and my mom getting to work on the outside labels.  Did I mention that big glasses of beer are a must for this project?

Wanna see what 60 hotel bags looks like??? (And a proud dad)???

And so while Tony was away at his Bachelor party, this crafty trio produced an efficient assembly line, and put these babies together in less than 2 hours.

Anyone else have some good welcome bag ideas?

{Hope ya’ll felt welcome!}


2 Responses to “Wedding DIY: Hotel Bags”

  1. Domestocrat August 17, 2011 at 8:29 am #

    I love it!

    I was a bad bride and refused to do welcome bags, LOL. So when John’s mom volunteered for the project I let her take over!


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    […] #3: Hotel Bags   […]

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