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26 Jul

Hey Everyone!  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and for most readers… survived the craaaazy heat!

I apologize for the lapse in my “Teach me Tuesday” posts.  Professor HFoP (yes I’ve given myself a new and non-legit title – hey you can too) has been a major slacker… but I’m back!  Miss me?

So for the next four days I’ll be hanging at the Seaport Convention Center in Boston, learning all about all the newest and coolest technology tools for education.  While I wish blogging was my full time gig, unfortunately HFoP won’t support my shoe shopping habbit… so I’m here at the Campus Technology conference in my “legit job” and am gettin “wicked smaaaat” as I write! 🙂


Now this is a bit far from my usual home decor posts… however since this is a blog, which means you read it over the internet, or for you real crazy kids… on your phone… I figure you’re all tech savvy enough to enjoy some EdTech freebies… right?

Yes, that’s right… It’s free technology tools for everyone!

As I attend more sessions I’ll do my best to update this list throughout the week, but hope at least some of these fun websites will spark your interest 🙂
Kinda like google docs, but even more simple!   Create a new document, share the link with anyone, and BAM it’s collaboration central!  In school and want to take notes during class?  Why not add some classmates to the doc to make it a group note taking effort?  Planning a wedding and need to involve multiple people on important lists?  Type With Me might be your best friend 😉
Website that allows you to store documents “in the cloud”, which means you can access them anywhere, anytime, provided you have internet access.  This is GREAT for work documents you want to access from home (tisk tisk) or for sharing photos and music with friends.  You can even make folders public and share with the world! Or, maybe not 🙂

Screen sharing tool that allows you to show your computer screen, collaborate on a document, and even chat with fellow participants in a “chat box”.  Great for virtual meetings, and even includes a dial in number to add an audio component.
Make a free and easy personal website in like 10 minutes!  Run your own business or consulting gig?  Or just got something to say or share?  Why not do it in style??  Send me your website, and I promise I’ll check you out 🙂
Ok, this is kinda funny – and there are some fantastic educational ways you can use this… But basically this site allows you to create fake Facebook walls.  I won’t go into how you can use this in the classroom here, but if you’re clever and creative (or just really bored) you may find this quite entertaining!  Here, check out Cinderella’s fake wall! 

Know of any other groovy (and free) EdTech-like sites?  Please share!

p.s. Happy Bday Tony!!  Sorry, I had to use my blogging power to embarrass him as much as possible on this very special day. xoxo.


One Response to “Technology is cool”

  1. Domestocrat July 26, 2011 at 8:36 am #

    Have fun at the conference!!! Is today Tony’s birthday?! Today is John’s birthday!

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