Makeover: Bed Edition

5 Jul

So I totally go through “room phases” where I focus on one part of the house for a few weeks, adding decor or just rearranging things with stuff I already have (preference).  Right now I’m on a bedroom kick!

A few posts back I talked about our new bed coverlet and my attempt to use a West Elm gift card to complete the look.  Well, mission accomplished!  I’m not a huge fan of purchasing a comforter/duvet’s matching pillow shams because when you have a bold pattern on the bed, sometimes the shams are overkill.  So I found these gorgeous (and really soft) hand blocked pillow shams at West Elm that I thought went perfectly with the Crate and Barrel coverlet.

West Elm

Here’s a close up:


And well…. I think they all get along pretty well together!


Oh wait, what’s that new headboard you ask??

Wow, you’re so perceptive!

This is a good one.  So I had been on a hunt for a headboard for a while now, and the other day, while running errands, I drove past a gorgeous almost new headboard on the side of the road!  Yes, SIDE OF THE ROAD!  Thank you dad for teaching me the thrill and shameless act of grabbing “road goods”. 😉   So I pulled over, and after close inspection to make sure that it wasn’t a piece of junk, I decided it had to be mine.

Well let me tell you, this baby was HEAVY and awkward, and I owe the temporary strength I possessed for somehow getting it into the back of my car to the crazy adrenaline pumping through me. Part “I got a deal” and part “I hope no one I know drives by and sees me right now”!

Once I got home, Tony’s engineering brain went to work, and we decided that rather than screw it into our bedframe (since we might not keep it down the road), we would use industrial zip ties to keep it in place.

We got these at our local hardware store, and they worked perfectly!   They are extremely sturdy and prevent the headboard from moving, and you can reuse them.  Plus, with the bedside table up against the bed they are totally hidden.

God, I love a good deal. 

So that’s it for the bedroom for a while… Now onto the next room.  But I’m curious about you all…

{Have any “road treasure” finds to share?}


One Response to “Makeover: Bed Edition”

  1. Domestocrat July 5, 2011 at 8:45 am #

    Nice!!! I’ve been a road goods hawk lately. I made John slam on the brakes to stop and look at stuff all weekend. I can’t wait until August and September 1st – road good extravaganza days!!!!

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