Outside Pride: Planters

10 Jun

Since most of you know by now that I am horrible with plants, you’re probably thinking “why the $*&% is she writing about them then!!??”

Well my friends… deep down, like waaaay deep down in there, I think I have little green thumb that wants to sprout.  But until that happens, whats the harm in a little fantasizing, eh??

So on that note… How about some plants for your outdoor space?

And let’s think outside the box here.  Rather than talk about the actual greens, let’s focus today on the oh so many fun ways of displaying them!

Not following? Well let me show you…


I have an old pair of cowboy boots that may have just found a new home…


This is a DIY that anyone could tackle!

Instructions HERE!

And how about some plants AND a coffee table?

Far Out Flora

Because everyone has an antique bike lying around…


What a faaaaabulous use of an empty wine barrel.  And check out the source for the DIY instructions!

Centsational Girl

Or maybe you’re more of a beer drinker?


Maybe this is what I should do with my Craigslist Turquoise Chair!


And on that note… I’m signing off for the weekend.
I am SUPER excited because I have my bridal shower on Sunday!!!

A day spent with all of the incredible and beautiful women in my life… and perhaps some house stuff??  Does it get any better??

Have a fantastic weekend!

xoxo Jenny


2 Responses to “Outside Pride: Planters”

  1. Domestocrat June 10, 2011 at 8:23 am #

    Have an awesome shower! So exciting!

  2. mattisalomaki June 30, 2011 at 1:51 am #

    I love how you started out this post…yes, if you can’t grow them…may as well dream about them. On the other hand…those that have a green thumb probably have killed a lot of plants to get there, I know I have. Great ideas for the garden….and thanks for the shout out. Matti

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