Outside Pride: Seating

6 Jun

Wanna know the best way to get people to hang at your outside space?


Tony and I have a little (and I mean liiiiitle) porch that we only used because it was on the way in and out of the house.  And on those first few nice days of spring we would just sit on the steps while eating meat off the grill.  Something felt weird.  Well one day we had the genius idea of buying a little table and chairs!

Off to Target we went, and amidst all of the other seasonal “OMG it’s spring, I need furniture NOW” shoppers, we scored a table and four chairs.  Since we’re renters with dreams of a big deck and backyard one day (siiiigh) we wanted something small, innexpensive yet durable, as well as something we could fold up and store during the off season.

And voila!
(The other two chairs we keep folded up in the garage, awaiting company).  These work great for our space, and have lead to many, more comfortable, outdoor dinners.

Now… if I had the space and my very own deck or patio… here’s what I’m thinking….

Comphy corner couches with loads of pillows…

Source: Pinterest

Pottery Barn

And maybe a funky wicker chair or two to complete the look…

Home Infatuation

Modern Wicker

Now if we couldn’t pull off the corner look, this would do JUST fine!

Restoration Hardware

Or how about something a little less traditional…

 Furniture Fashion

Pottery Barn

Or what about a bench!  Say what??

These are pallets!  How clever….

Source: Various on Pinterest

And maybe the most simple, yet super fun solution?

Brightly colored Adirondack chairs!  Bonus if they come as rockers 🙂

Shine Co @ Joss and Main

{What else you got people?}


2 Responses to “Outside Pride: Seating”

  1. Elizabeth@themustardceiling June 7, 2011 at 5:35 pm #

    Beautiful seating. The second hammock from Pottery Barn is calling me name. I could curl up there and be lazy all day!

  2. Katie June 9, 2011 at 7:03 am #

    Love all of these sets! But what do people do with these outdoor couches and pillows when it rains? I always wonder that as I’m enviously flipping through the Pottery Barn catalog.

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