Be mine, Melamine…

29 Apr

Ok story time…

Last week Tony and I met with our unbelievable wedding photographers.  Seriously, if you have 10 minutes you gotta check out their blog Hitched Studios.  You might actually die over how talented these people are!  So since we were over in JP to meet them, we decided to stop at Bella Luna (great restaurant!) for dinner.

ENTER: HFoP Inspiration….  

So Bella Luna serves their food on those old school melamine plates.  No not the trendy ones, which I will blog about in a minute, but the DIY ones you totally rocked your creative side with as a child.  Like this rad one:

$10 says these parents told their child he/she was the next Picaso!

Well melamine has come a loooong way!  Not only is it super functional (it’s my #1 choice for BBQs or any outside eating where you don’t wanna risk breaking your plates), but it’s über cheap and has gotten super shnazzy!  Check it out!

Multi Chic

Personalize them!!

La Plates

Just gorgeous.

Pottery Barn



Both from Thomas Paul

Fantastic stripe and dot combo here…

West Elm

French Bull

Jonathan Adler 

Too colorful for you?  No prob!  Head to Crate and Barrel and get a simple white set.

Crate and Barrel

Project challenge… With their bright colors, cheap price, and light weight – how great would Melamine plates be as wall art?

{Any takers?}


One Response to “Be mine, Melamine…”

  1. Domestocrat April 29, 2011 at 8:20 am #

    Oh I LOVE Bella Luna!

    Gorgeous photography too, BTW. So excited for you!

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