28 Apr

Holy crap, it hit 80 degrees in Boston yesterday!!  I think we’ve made it people!

Soooo speaking of hot things, my “build your own trivet” set came in the mail yesterday, and I could barely chug my wine fast enough to start playing 😉

In case you missed it… I’ve been collecting wine corks for quite some time now.  Thanks everyone who contributed to my stash!

While I love how they look all snuggled up in a clear vase….It was time to give them some real purpose.

So using our Amazon Prime account…
which = free 2 day shipping…
which = the absolute BEST thing for impulsive and impatient gals like me…

I ordered one of these bad boys:


And just 2 days later, it was HERE!

Ok I can hardly call this a DIY because this could not be easier (and more fun!!).  It started with this:

Once opened, the kit comes with a few helpful goodies (tray, sandpaper, mounting strip, screws, and little pads)

And now the fun begins!  Basically all you gotta do is arrange the corks so that they fit in the tray.  I recommend a good mix of verticle and horizontal to keep things interesting.  And if you’re feeling super creative, you can cut the red wine stained corks and use ends to spell out a letter or design.

I decided to keep mine simple, so that we could really show off the diversity of wines we drank.  And now we’re officially outed as lovers of some good cheap wine 🙂

Have you ever looked close to see how funky some corks can be???

I spy two buck chuck.  Can you? 

So now I just need some glue to nail these bad boys down.  Might still play around with it a bit, but can’t wait to use it for our next hot meal!

{Love corks?}

Check out my post on other cool things these babies can do!


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