Good morning Boston!

18 Apr

Happy Marathon Monday, Boston readers!

I’m heading downtown today to watch the incredible runners (shout out to blogger Lizzy at who is running today!) and since the race covers so much ground, and runs through so many different neighborhoods, I wanted to post a quickie on the incredible homes in the Boston area.  Now I’m not talking about the inside of these homes (although God knows I wish I could get a sneak peak!) but the historic, artistic and beautiful architectural details found on their outsides.

Growing up in Boston, I learned at an early age that each neighborhood boasts its own unique style.  Here, let’s tour:

Beacon Hill

Old school brick? Check.  Cobblestone? Check.  Miniature dog to complete the look?  Check!
Love you Beacon Hill.  I’ll live there in my dreams…


To be steps away from Newbury Street and the Charles River would be a dream come true.  Although I’d have to stick to window shopping 🙂
This incredible home is found at the intersection of Newbury and Dartmouth Street.

Jamaica Plain

Now this house is by no means a true representation of JP, whose homes range from multi families to apartments, to stand alone Victorians.  However it’s one of my favorites so I had to post it.
This “condo” is located steps from Jamaica Pond.  Sigh….

South Boston


Now Southie has been “up and coming” for quite some time.  In addition to new construction townhouses, the area is known for it’s fabulous renovated, open and loft style apartments. 

The South End

Not to be confused with Southie, The South End seems to be the place everyone in their young 20s is now renting.   An area known for it’s row houses, upscale restaurants, and art galleries – I can understand why!


The Allston/Brighton area is renters heaven.  More than the South End, it’s truly the place you go right out of college.  Shout out to my Brighton Apartment roomies Jo & Ashleigh!  While most of the apartments are quite “lived in” and have quick turnover, being close to BU, Fenway, and lot’s of college bars, I had some of my best memories living here!


Did you know that Dorchester is Boston’s largest and also oldest neighborhood?
It’s also home to some of the most grand Victorian homes.

West Roxbury

Ok, maybe I’m a bit biased since I grew up here, but Westie has some of the most beautiful OLD homes!  This is not my parents house, but ours was built in the late 1800s.


While this neighborhood is not technically Boston, this is where I’ll be watching the race – and well, Brookline is known for it’s gorgeous (and unaffordable!) homes…  So let’s end with a little eye candy…

Only $15 mil.  Let’s buy it together!

{Seen some beautiful homes in your area?  Send some photos!}


One Response to “Good morning Boston!”

  1. mary ellen May 29, 2011 at 11:45 pm #

    hey jenny, it’s mary ellen w. from bls… i landed on this page after googling west roxbury victorian houses. ha! small world 🙂 cute blog, i’m bookmarking it… hope you are doing well!

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