Stop #3: The Consignment Galleries

13 Apr

Hi everyone!  Hope you’ve been enjoying the virtual antique store tour!

Tired yet??

Stop #3
The Consignment Galleries
363 Highland Ave.
Somerville, MA

The Consignment Galleries was third on our list, and it definitely was the biggest store on our trip. This almost 30 year old shop has a wide variety of gently used, mostly older furniture and accessories.  I can’t lie – there were a lot of “my grandma would LOVE this” pieces  but also a few gems… so well worth the trip!

Buyer beware… you could spend hours in here!

These cute dishes would look great as ring or small jewelry holders, on a shabby chic dresser!

Ok so as tacky as it may be….I have a little thaang for cool salt and pepper shakers!

End of the bed “clothing collector” ottoman?  I think SO!

I loved this porcelain bowl/vase/urn???? And if I remember correctly – it was pretty cheap!

A lot of the furniture was a bit dated for my taste, but this large buffet piece had a nice contemporary feel!

Cooper: “Is this necklace too flashy?”

Your turquoise, so obv I dig ya.

It was seriously a jungle in there!!!  If you collect animal figures (of any type) this store likely has something for you!

And the purchases….

Jo was on a mission to find a tray for her contact stuff.  Antique meets modern!!!

And here it is in action!

And our clever friend Cooper turned this pin into a necklace!

And picked up these sweet earrings.

Ok people, we’re almost done!
Next and last stop…
Sunshine Lucy’s!







2 Responses to “Stop #3: The Consignment Galleries”

  1. Domestocrat April 13, 2011 at 8:23 am #

    I’ve always wondered about this place. We live at 270 Highland so I’m constantly walking or driving by wondering what kinds of stuff they have. Great post!

  2. Joanna H April 13, 2011 at 8:48 am #

    How did I not see that ottoman?! I think I need to go back and get that! My clothes are looking for a new piece of furniture to occupy rather than the Ikea chair. 🙂

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