Let’s go antique shopping!

11 Apr

On Saturday, three of my home decor loving girlfriends (Shout out to Jo, Cooper and Jackie!!) and I took advantage of the GORGEOUS weather, and went on a little “antique store hop”.  Kinda like a bar hop, minus the booze, since we started at 9:30am! On this particular trip we stuck to the Medford and Somerville area, and hit up four very different, but all fantastic shops!

I took some photos to document the little outing, and so this week’s posts will highlight each of the unique shops.  I hope you enjoy the trip!

Stop #1: 10am
416 Salem Street, Medford

I told you about this great store on Thurdsay because they jumped on the Groupon bandwagon and were offering a $100 gift card for $30!  Obviously I snatched it up right away, and shocker…. I blew through it all within minutes of entering the store!

The fairly new consignment shop (opened just under a year ago) has a LOT of variety…including custom built industrial style pieces, vintage collectables, art, jewelry, and fun knick knacks.  The owner, Paul Russo, could not be nicer!  Not only did he tell us about the history of the items we purchased, but supplied his early morning customers with dunkin donut munchkins and coffee. The perfect start to a day of shopping!  Oh and he named the store after his two dogs, Eddie and Finnegan.  Love it!

So here’s a little sample of what’s goin on at Eddigans, but whether or not you live in the area – it’s definitely worth the trip!!

We loved this mirror because it’s almost the exact mini version of the one Jo has in her apartment…but MUCH lighter!

I came close to picking this bad boy up…. however the top drawer was just for show (didn’t open).  Still a super cool piece, just didn’t meet my storage needs!

How great would these canvases be in the kitchen???

Holy headboard heaven!  And it’s a queen!!

Utensil holder?

This functionality of this piece was debatable…. but fun nonetheless!  I love the color, and if you have the room, I think it could look great just as a showpiece!

And here are the pieces we picked up!

Jackie & Jo’s purcahses!

Jenny’s Purchases!

I’m SO excited about this mirror!!  The photo doesn’t quite capture the size.  It’s about 3ft x 3ft, and PERFECT for our guest room.

In case you haven’t gotten the memo… I LOVE ball jars (see original post here).  I picked up these two blue jars to add to my pantry collection.  They each were under $10, and were in great condition – especially since Ball stopped making the blue jars in 1938!

Stay tuned… next stop – Toni and Ana’s!


3 Responses to “Let’s go antique shopping!”

  1. Cooper April 11, 2011 at 8:46 am #

    I have started bar crawls way earlier than we started the antique crawl……..

  2. Joanna H April 11, 2011 at 8:53 am #

    I should have bought the Groupon just to get some of those colorful canvas art pieces for my kitchen! I am in love with them!

  3. Liz April 12, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    I love the mirror you picked up! I can’t wait to go use my groupon! 🙂

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