The Ugly/Pretty Truth

4 Apr

Inspiration, awe, wonder, motivation, determination, insight…

These are the feelings I get when I look at magazine and blog photos of other people’s beautiful, organized, well decorated, and creative homes…  And one of the reasons I started this blog.

Envy, confusion, resentment, disbelief, jealousy….

Now these are the other feelings I get (gulp!) because I can’t possibly understand how these people find the time, money, and energy to live and look so perfect!

*Idealistic Jenny…meet Realistic Jenny*

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit more of the latter, as my schedule gets more hectic, and beautifying our home can’t always take priority.  Whether it’s lack of time or finances, sometimes I feel like I’ll never catch up to what I want our place to look like.  I get easily overwhelmed by all of the kick a$$ stuff out there, that I won’t ever be able to afford.  Or it feels like seconds after I load the dishwasher, the sink is full again, or by the time I put away my clothing to reveal our beautiful bedspread, another pile has miraculously appeared!

So when I came across this candid post by Thrify Decor Chick, it was just the medicine I needed.  Sarah reminds us that no home (or person) has got it all together… all the time… and that NOT doing it all is most often the best type of balance one can get.

And as much as I loooove a clean, organized home (perhaps a bit more than the average Jane), there is also incredible enjoyment found in making a mess in the kitchen while cooking up a great dinner, or camping out in front of the TV with your partner, amidst an abundance of blankets, dog toys, and empty beer bottles.

Happiness is really about how you feel… and your House is Full of Pretty mainly because you are in it.  Ok cute pillows can help… but you get my point 🙂

I promise, more pretty (and less emo) posts will come this week – but just thought this was important to share!

As always, comments welcome!!!


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