What’s all the buzz about?

30 Mar

Honeycomb, that’s what!!

As you may recall from a previous post, I have a soft spot for anything geometric, and this honeycomb print is no exception!  I’ve been seeing it around quite a bit now, in both furniture and textile form, and as you can see it’s quite versatile.

Now normally I would stay clear of this pattern, because at first glance it screams “modern” and that just ain’t my personal style… but it’s actually starting to grow on me!  I could totally see this in my dining room in rug form 🙂  What about you?

C’mon, let’s have a look!

Clock by Pilot Design

Buttons by Sew Nifty Notions

Chairs by Casual Home Furnishings

Napkins by West Elm

Lamp by Marjorie Skousas Design

Holy cow.

Spice Rack by Gneiss Spice

Glasses by Style Hive

Doormat by Burke Decor

Honeycomb Shelves by UntoThisLast

Ok, maybe not so much….   Chair by Kaya Lee

Wallpaper by Marie Burgos Design

Dresser by Paul Marra Design

{How Bee – eautiful}


One Response to “What’s all the buzz about?”

  1. Domestocrat March 30, 2011 at 8:39 am #

    I LOVE all things honeycomb! Great post!!

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