Right on Target

16 Mar

So I was at Target the other day getting non-fun house stuff like detergent and sudafed (whoohoo!) but had to walk through the home decor aisles…to get to the cash register, of course.

Well low and behold, Target has done it again!  They had so many lovable items for sale (that are totally inspired by some expensive home decor stores).  Thank god I didn’t opt for a cart, or this would have been an expensive trip! Let me show you what I mean!

Let’s start with these funky Wall Art Tiles ($19.99 each)

They are a great (cheaper) alternative to these similar prints from Crate and Barrel (which I abolutely adore).

Then I found this super sweet print:

Which for $19.99 is a real steal since this MadebyGirl print that I’ve seen all over the home decor blogosphere costs $45 (although still adorable)…

Now these next two prints I fell in love with at the store (I believe they are $29.99) but can NOT find them for sale anywhere on the Target website.

Readers?? Help!!!

The inability to purchase may lead to my next DIY project…

2 for $29 at Target or $70 at William and Sonoma?  I’ll let you choose…


Um, did Target read my Suzani post?


Gotta love Tar-gé


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