Your challenge…

4 Mar

Ever see items in a catalog or online, and think… I wonder what that would look like in MY house?  With MY stuff?  Or – I love that rug, but hate the coffee table they have resting on it!

Well recently I came across this FABULOUS website called Polyvore, that lets you pull images from various websites (i.e. online catalogs) and create collage-like “sets”.  In other words, in a matter of minutes you can style an entire room yourself!

Not following?  Ok, let’s take some items from the Crate and Barrel website that I talked about in my previous post, to show you what I mean:


Here, I pulled various items from the C&B website, and created what I believe to be quite a relaxing looking bedroom!

C&B Bedroom

C&B Bedroom by jschweon on
(and to those observant readers – yes , I swapped the print for a new one)


So here’s your challenge….

Sign up for a FREE account with Polyvore, and design a room of your own!  Once you’re totally in love with the room (and need to be restrained from doing a total home makeover) send me your room, and I’ll post a select few here!

{Challenge???  Accepted!!!}


One Response to “Your challenge…”

  1. Liz March 4, 2011 at 8:48 am #

    This is so fun! Great find 🙂 it’ll give me something to do in the hospital waiting room this morning.

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