New favs.

23 Feb

Man, I really need to win the lottery, because this whole online window shopping thing is starting to feel like torture.

Wanna suffer with me?  Come check out some of my new favorite (online) stores, and some fantastic goodies they’re currently teasing me with….

The Scoop: Lot’s of natural, “easy feel” products with a passion for sustainability.  Pricey, but high quality.
My Favs:

Emily Madison Shower Curtain

Bliss Pillow

Wire Globe Pendants

Madeline Weinrib
The Scoop: Lot’s of color, incredible textiles, and global influence
My Favs:

Brown and White Zig Zag Chair

Coral Mums Rug

The Scoop: Industrial antique galore!!  Super unique pieces with lot’s of character.
My Favs:

Ticket Takers Cabinet

19th Century Vintners Catacomb Iron Wine Safe

ShopTen 25
The Scoop: Loves geometric prints more than I do!  Great variety.

My Favs:

Java Blue Medium Zip (Great organizer for your dresser!)

Bodega Rectangular Mirror

Black Birdcage Coaster

Jason Home and Garden
The Scoop: Sophisticated and unique pieces, lot’s of styles represented.
My Favs:

Vintage Advertisement Print

Suzani Pillows

Eldridge Lamp

{Have any obsessions you’d like to share?}


One Response to “New favs.”

  1. Domestocrat February 23, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    Always Anthropologie, Etsy and West Elm but I also kind of love Pottery Barn Kids (, such cute stuff!

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