Do it with doors

16 Feb
*so sorry to anyone who may have already received this post via email subscription… little technology snafu here!*

My first year out of college, my roommates Joanna, Ashleigh and I used a detached closet door as a beer pong table. Such resourceful young ladies, we were 🙂

Well we’ve all come a long way since those crazy beer pong days (insert Memories by Bette Midler here), but looks like we may have been onto something, with our seemingly no brainer door transformation!

Check it out!

Linda R., consider this your headboard DIY challenge!

Martha Stewart.
DIY Altert!

Elle Decor via
Lux be a Lady Blog

*Coffee Tables*

Junk Market Style

Joys of Home

ChippewaFive @ Esty

*Dining Tables*
My landlords actually have one of these, and I think it is the absolute COOLEST!  I want one!

Restored Style

A Soft Place


Vintage Indie

Practical Enrichment


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