Show off those prized jewels…

21 Jan

I love jewelry…. and not the fancy shmancy kind that costs a fortune, but the super fun costume jewelry that you can get on the cheap!

But I have this problem, that I’m sure many of you out there have (don’t be shy!) and that is that I forget about the awesome pieces I own because they are tucked away somewhere where I don’t see them.

Solution?  Pick up one of these funky jewelry displays and accomplish two tasks.

  1. Remember the goods you have, and subsequently wear them more often…
  2. Add some design/art to your bedroom!

Check it out!

Denim Blue Stoneware Jewelry Bowl
New use for pottery!

Barnwood Earring Holder FRAME...rustic refined
This is a super easy DIY.  All you need is a frame, and a piece of mesh screen!

18 inch Honeycomb Earring Rack (Chocolate and Tan)
Honeycomb!  How clever!

Etsy sellers: nealpotteryParadiseHillDesigns,  mostazaseed

Now this Etsy shop sells really creative (and pretty) jewelry holders exclusively! And all under $50!

Square Display Frame

Glass Knob Jewelry Frames

Earring Pedestal

jewelsondisplay1 @ Etsy

Hands down, my FAVORITE item of the day.

Jewelry organizer by Bluebirdheaven
bluebirdheaven @ Etsy ($118)

This is actually an old printer tray (painted) that you can pick up pretty inexpensively on Ebay.  Click here for a listing of trays under $25!

Yet ANOTHER way to reuse corks!

4eyesandears @ etsy ($50)

Love the tree themed look, and there is a great variety of these out there for sale!

Bed Bath and Beyond ($20)

Earth Studio ($40)

Mod Cloth ($27)

The Well Dressed Home ($24-38)

From Jenny’s HFoP (Bought at Faces in Northampton, MA)

Not the prettiest, but this guy holds a TON of stuff, keeps things from getting tangled, and can double as a great jewelry travel bag!

From Jenny’s HFoP (Bought at Bed Bath and Beyond, $15)

{Now go show off what you got!}


3 Responses to “Show off those prized jewels…”

  1. Cooper January 21, 2011 at 10:33 am #

    Your posts are scaring me. JUST bought this on ebay yesterday. My mom has one and I have been looking for a good one forever. Not sure if I’m going to keep it white or re-paint, we’ll see how it looks on my dresser. I really wanted something that was big enough to hold lots of stuff but could sit on the dresser and not show all my jewels.

  2. Katie January 22, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    My favorite jewelry box is from pottery barn.

  3. Tumaini @ Flippin' Factory June 19, 2011 at 2:16 am #

    I just found your blog from facebook (ReUse Connection) and I love these jewelry organizers. I recently made mine with the help of wine corks!!
    Awesome work.

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