Closet Envy.

17 Jan

Oh, we’ve all got it.

I swear, I would trade my bedroom for a huge walk in closet.  Don’t worry Tony – you can sleep in there with me…. Just don’t touch the shoes, ok??

Let’s take a moment to be “positively” envious.

Can you guess who this closet belongs to?  All I want for Christmas… is youuuuu!

Love the simplicity here.

Decor Pad

$100 says this is only 1 of MANY walk-in closets for Nikki Hilton.  NOT FAIR!

In Style

Elfa Closets from The Container Store

Inside-out Closet!


And my favorite closet goes to…Actress Olivia Wilde.
I think I love this closet the most, because it does NOT look like a store… but just another comfortable, yet fashionable room in her home!

P. Series Stylist

{Do you love your closet (walk-in or not!)  Send me a photo!}


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