Hooked on hardware.

13 Jan

Yes, I’ve punned…. but really, how can you not be “hooked” on these?

Hooks are so cool because they can spruce up a room’s decor but also help you maximize your space.  How? Utilizing your walls is a great way to free up high traffic and clutter-prone areas like countertops, bureaus, desktops, etc… And you can be totally creative with the aforementioned “clutter” that you hang on them…

  • Keys
  • Jewelry
  • Scarves
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Arts and Craft Items
  • Belts
  • Bags

Or for the really cool looking hooks…just use them for plain old decoration!

Want it?

Pier1 (Both under $10!)

Anthropologie ($10, $14, $24, $14)

I love the hook and vase combo!

IN STOCK wall key hanger with vase Dark Turquoise on Etsy

Etsy ($24)

GO MASS!!! Whoohoo!

Etsy ($46)

Totally anew uses for old thingscontender…


Apartment Therapy

Flower power!

Urban Outfitters ($8)

This is my favorite flower… in a hook.
Pier1 ($7.95)

PETA friendly.

Urban Outfitters ($12)

West Elm ($9-$12)

And just in case you need to keep things straight… or make it clear who is #1 in the household 🙂

Pottery Barn ($9)

{Hooked yet?}


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