Liberation through Organization, Part 2

5 Jan

Organize Tip #2
Conquering the Bedroom.

For a lot of people, the bedroom gets the raw end of the decorating deal, because it’s the one room that your guests are unlikely to see when they come visit.  And it’s really just about what other people think, right??  🙂 Wrong! Your bedroom should get just as much attention (if not more) since it is the one room in your home that should evoke a sense of calmness and tranquilitiy, or whatever feeling you need to get a good night sleep. So here are 5 easy steps to a more organized bedroom.  Let’s get to it!

1. Make the bed.
This sounds like a simple task, but for all of you “non-functional before coffee” people, this can be quite daunting first thing in the AM.  However, no matter how nicely decorated your bedroom might be, an unmade bed makes a statement… and not good one 🙂  So your first step to an organized bedroom is MAKE THE BED!

Done?  Great, let’s move on…

2.  Put away those clothes!
Ladies, this means YOU!  Your bed, chair, top of dresser, floor, are not storage units!  I know how much of a pain it is to fold laundry… or let alone, DO laundry… but putting away your clothes will likely transform your room 90%.  And here’s some help… In a
previous post I talked about using a basket for my fiancé’s growing gym clothing collection, but I use one too!  I tend to rack up those “going out” shirts from Forever21 that I will wear once (if lucky) and so rather than fill up my closet or dresser drawers, I use one of these and store it on a shelf at the top of my closet:

The Container Store ($12)

And for scarves, headbands, leggings, and other small items that do not need your folding attention, try placing them in one of these and hang from your closet door:

Cheap ($10 Etsy)

Expensive ($64 Revolve Clothing)

3. Sheet Storage.
I know I am not the only one who becomes completely incompetent when attempting to fold that damn fitted sheet.  So check this out…. she makes it look so easy!

And don’t forget to about the great way to keep sheets together and looking fabulous in the linen closet, from my New Uses for Old Things post!

4. Other Clutter Storage
I love antique trunks, and have found they serve as great storage units at the foot of a bed.  They also serve as convenient seating for putting on those tall boots or hard to lace shoes, or waiting “patiently” for your beloved to fiiiinally finish getting ready….  Use one of these for sweatshirts or sweaters, or other bulky items that tend to take up a lot of room.

Deal Alert!  JCPenney (Orig $400, Sale $179)

Overstock ($110)

Ikea ($70)

Target ($200)

Here’s a trunk I currently use to store extra blankets.  My neighbor had left it out on the sidewalk (crazy!!!) and it needed just some simple retouching:

From Jenny’s HFoP

This one I picked up at a thrift store for $75!  Used to store extra sheets and pillows.

From Jenny’s HFoP

5. Don’t forget about under the bed!

While dust bunnies THINK they own the place… this is critical storage space.  Pick up one or two of these, and fill them with out of season items that you likely won’t need for a while.  Look for ones without wheels (takes up unnecessary space) and because they are plastic, they slide in and out fairly easy.  Also try getting one with lid openings on either end.  Makes it easy to pull out just half of the bin to find what you’re looking for.

Sears ($10) Organize.Com ($50)

{Goodnight, and sleep tight (and organized) everyone!}


One Response to “Liberation through Organization, Part 2”

  1. Cindy January 5, 2011 at 10:51 am #

    Great Job Jenny!
    I would totally feel motivated to clean my room by this if I hadn’t already done it last weekend thanks to your inspiration 🙂

    Love it! Keep up the great work!

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